6.5 Grendel


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Hi all. RE 6.5 Grendel has anyone got one, used one or have any opinions?

Just out of interest really as it was tipped as the next big thing when it came out in the States a few years ago?

for those who haven't heard of it, its basically a blown out 6ppc for a touch more powder capacity and necked up to 6.5mm. Usually tops out at 130gr bullets as the capacity is a bit low otherwise.
Velocities in the mid to late 2000s.



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I can tell you that Jim Young specializes in the grendell and regulally shoots rabbits upto 700yds..



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The Grendal is a good round, BUT, it will do nothing that a standard 6.5x47 Lapua or 260 Remington will not do just as well.

Velocities with 123 - 130g bullets with the "47" easilly attain 3000fps with sub half MOA accuracy.

260 Rem slightly higher BUT disadvantaged (maybe) by the large primer pocket - jury is out on this one.

Personally I would go with the 6.5x47 over the Grendal...


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Would the grendel feed better than the 6.5x47?
and might not have the reliability problems of the small primer?



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Griff: who's Jim Young? Nice to see its not rabbit friendly though!

RM: granted on all of that. Would make an interesting side to side with the 47.

EJG I think it would probably be worse to feed than the 47 given the shape of the case. PPC is a nightmare for repeaters after all.

I might have to go and shoot a 6.5x47 just to see what all the fuss is about. Wonder if anyone in the FCSA would have one lying around? ;))



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The 6.5 gendal can be based on a mimi mauser 223 sized action were the 6.5X47 needs a 308 sized action.

I have been looking into a Big deer legal calibre that will fit into a 223 sized action, the best bet looked to be the 6.5BR improved or 6.5WSSM/243WSSM. If you seat your bullets deeply then you can just about get a 6.5X47 (under SAMMI size) to work in the mini mauser sized action.

Best rgds



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I am a member of the FCSA UK and if you are going to Warcop to the January shoot I should be there with my own 6.5x47.

At the last shoot I attended there were a few of us looking for difficult targets to test ourselves with our rifles.

One wag suggested we try an hit a 2x2" tree stake that had fallen over and was lying end on - the distance was in te region of 600yds.

Three out of five shots connected with it by two different shooters.

I also practice with mine (as its for practical / tactical competitions on turnips / oranges (anything about 4" diameter) out to 700 mtrs - whilst I cannot claim absolute first round hit guarantee in any weather at this distance, the 47 will certainly be very, very close....

It feeds faultlessly from a mag, be that 5 shot or ten shot and ive yet to have a small rifle primer fail to "go off", its cheap to reload, little recoil and damn accurate.

Only down side is that brass is expensive....

Oh, barrel life, I run mine at 3000fps with 123g scenars, after nearly 2000 rounds in 16 months its like new.


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Just let me run the 6.5x47 past the Ratwife next year some time and you pick up a Grendal........ And well........ should be fun mate!!

l did hear that the G is or can be just a bit fussy to get it to shoot well...

lf l've got me details right it was started in conjunction with the yankee army for a possible repacement for the .308/7.62x51 due to it's down range striking power, and the fact that if it was run through an M60 you could either cut the total team weight down by some 80/90lbs or carry another shite load of ammo.......... The yanks would love that!!
l think they had M16 feed problems and it's still in the air a bit along with the 6.8spc and a few others......


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You should have a few different ones to try and get her interested, if that doesnt work, I'll bring along the 338, which is sure to get her going :p


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Da Ratwife should be joining us for the afternoon... so long as the MOD don't pittle off early.....
She's not one for a lot of noise and thrash... just likes to sneak up on things and trash them with nasty little rounds....
l've still got to put up my ammo for the day, an evenin' should do it...