6.5 x 47

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paul k

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This is a new calibre and I am hearing rave reviews about it. Does anyone have nay experience of it and what do you think?


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I recently attended a competition in Slovakia, one of the lads I travelled with was using a custom 6.5x47 that shot exceptionaly well. The wind was very unpredictable and on occasion moving my own 167 scenars a foot to the right (at 300 meters), the tiny 123 scenars my mate was using in the 6.5x47 were only moving 3-6 inches. Its flat shooting, uses mid weight bullets (low recoil) and uses small rifle primers (suposed to offer cleaner more consistant burn characteristics)

I think it would be a great deer round, (just behind 6.5x284) and yes, I have one being built for me too as we speak.

Here's a link to the rifle spec / build my mate was using:



woder if it will end up displacing the .260 it all depends on feeding from the magazine i think. Lapua headstamped brass could make it a good rebarreling choice in .308" class guns


Try snipers hide website. Go to the forum thread going on .260 rem v 6.5 x 47 Lapua. Interesting !
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