6.5 x 55 Ackley Improved


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Just get a 6.5*47 Lapua instead.
Probably so.
Loads are starting loads for the 6.5x55. Ackley chambers are nothing magic and do not insure greater velocity (myth 1) nor longer case life. (myth 2) They give a higher velocity at 1/4 the increase in powder charge. If you increase powder by 10% expect a 2.5% increase in velocity. (all other factors remaining the same, of course) ~Muir


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The only advantage for the AI is less case stretch, you need more powder to get the same velocity, I used to shoot a lot of F class with a 6.5x55 a friend had the AI version
he was loading 5 to 6 grains more powder for 50fps more velocity and mine had better accuracy he had his re-chambered to 6.5x47, you would be better off with a 6.5-284
case capacity is about the same as the 6.5x55 AI barrel life is similar and you don't have to fire form cases. Robert