6.5x 47 calibre

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Hi looking to build a rifle in this calibre?
I only shoot roe and fallow and very rarely red.
anybody using one?
just dont fancy 308 or 6.5x55


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If you can afford the brass at £80 per 100, then you can probably afford to buy a reamer ~$150 from PT&G and any 'smith can build you a rifle...

Seconded: 260 rem is far more sensible


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The ballistics of the 260, 6.5x55 and 6.5x47 are all very similar. I am making a bit of an assumption here but if the brass of the 6.5x47 is going to act the same as that in a 6ppc then the brass could be used up to 30 times each. That would make the brass actually cheaper to use than that of other calibres when paying less than £50/100.

I am also considering the 6.5x47 in the future.


Jager SA

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I would go with the 6.5x47, it will make a great Roe/Fallow round, im building one myself asap. :lol:

dave 67

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Was also interested in the 6.5x47 but looking in to the availability of ammo it would have to be home loading unless I am wrong the only off the shelf I could find was Lapua scenar which is a hollow point target round. But still like the idea, in the end I have settled on 6.5x55.
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