6.5x 55 sewd or 270 wsm


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What kind of shooting do you do?
They are quite different calibres really, if you are shooting at normall distances(under 200m) then the swede is a lovely round if your normall shooting ranges are more in keeping with african plains then perhaps try the 270wsm.
I've never shot a 270wsm but i had a 270 for a while and loved it



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Two totally different calibres, the 270WSM is a hard hit, very flat shooting calibre, it real shows it’s advantages over the standard 270win when using 140gn bullets and above below this bullet weight then the standard 270 is almost as good.

The 6.5X55 is a mellow soft shooting calibre, if fact you could not pick two opposite calibres. :eek:

I think it depends on what you want to shoot with the rifle, small deer, roe, woodland fallow then the 6.5 would probably be a better choice. If you are shooting reds, Sika, especially stags, wild boar or shooting in Africa then the 270WSM would be a better calibre.

You could have both assuming you have no other deer rifles, Home Office guild lines state one rifle for small deer and another for large as being quite acceptable. ;)

Best rgds



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As good as they might be, the WSM chamberings are a dead issue in the States. Stores can't give them away and Winchester itself had gone under despite their last ditch effort to market another new round (WSM, WSSM) failed. If you buy a WSM, stock up on brass.

I think the standard 270 has more to recommend it. You can walk into any hardware store in Montana and buy 270 Winchester. It would be the rare one that sold 270 WSM. In Africa?? That might be a long-shot indeed. I have a buddy that loads the 270 WSM and the 270 Winchester both. He too favors the 140's and noticed that the WSM gets about 120 fps more than his 270 Winchester. He also noted that it took 14.5 grains more H-1000 to get that speed. (about 20% more powder than the 270 load) He continues to shoot it because the rifle is particularly accurate. Otherwise I think he would have retired it. ~Muir


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No experience of the wssm's but I find my 6.5 is so pleasant to shoot that I wonder why I didn't get one years ago. It copes quite happily with west coast stags. But then they are a bit smaller than the woodland varity!

The low recoil and inherant accuracy will more than make up for a loss in velocity and energy.


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I owned a 300wsm for quite a while, cracking round BUT harsh recoil, lots of meat damage and reduces magazine capacity.
I have a 6.5 as well sweet round but much prefer my 30.06 for bigger deer.



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Either one will deal with any deer in the UK efficiently and humanely, it is all down to personal preference. Me I prefer a 6.5X55 others a .270, some people hate both.

That really helps don't it :D :D


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This depends on what you want it for really. The moderator takes the recoil away from the 270 now, so it wont feel so bad to shoot. The swede is a softer round to fire, but it still has a good clout behind it.

I downed 2 stags last week using a 6.5x55 120gr prohunter, one was 225 yards away and stumbled downhill around 15 yds, the other was shot layed down, and he never moved off the spot at 249 yds. Both were over 200lbs.

My rifle is sighted in at 170yds and is only a 6 inch drop at 240yds, so is well capable of anything for normal stalking distances.

It would be interesting to try it on a big southern stag just to see the difference.

It boils down to personal choice, good luck with the hunt. :rolleyes:


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I agree with Jingzy. Both calibres will do the job, no problem. Personally I have never owned a 270wsm, but I have owned a straight 270w for over 25 years. Like it a great deal, many do not, but thats their choice, I happen to like the round, and as Muir pointed out you will always get ammo for it no problem.


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I have no experience of .270WSM but can express an opinion on 6.5x55 having just recetly purchased a synthetic Tikka T3 in 6.5x55 to replace my .243
So far I am very impressed with the calibre. There is a good range of ammo available and goes from 100 grains up to 156 grains making it a versatile round too.
To date my experince has all been on paper at the range and the round has performed very well, with low recoil (both moderated and un moderated ) and consistency in grouping being the key features.
I am off to Scotland in a few weeks for a Stag on the last day of the Stag season and then onto the Hinds for the first 4 days of the Hind season.
Will let you know how it performs on the hill.


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you know what... im going to be cheeky and ask the fuzz for both :D

but its cheshire so i wont hold my breath

:D:D thanks alot



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Just returned from a week in the Highlands where my 6.5 X 55 Tikka T3 had its first outing. I am very impressed with the calibre it performed very well in a range of scenarios . I was using 140 grain Remington Core lokt.
Deer taken include a large stag, Hinds and Roe does.

I would definiteley reccomend.


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I wasn't overwhelmed by the 6.5x55. Yes, it was accurate and well-mannered, and I accept all the arguments about the SD advantages. It killed everything I shot cleanly. I replaced it with a .30-06, which has considerably more wallop, and a .243 for when I need a flat-shooting round.

I would have a .270 Win over a 6.5x55 any day, providing the .270 was fitted with a mod.


I have shot both the .270 and the 6.5 as my stalking rifles and love them both the two rifles were very accurate although i had to work on the .270 to get it that way.
So i have thought long and hard about this and if at the moment i had no rifle and was to buy from new it would be the 6.5 its sweeter to shoot fires the same weight of bullet and takes less powder. There is not much difference in the two calibres with regards drop etc out to 200 yards so that would be my choice.

PS Jingzy The 6.5 will take the biggest of the southern reds with out no fuss and the ones i have took have all been in the engine room no fancy shots from me.


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I happen to have a 270wsm built out on a rem action by Steve the man Kershaw, she is a single shot & very nice to shoot, Jetz modorated with a stainless Kreiger heavy barrel & Jewel trigger, Tally mounts-all in all I think she set me back about £1400 for the finished item. The rifle holds a 5mm group all day long.

I also used to own a model 70 in 270 & prefer the WSM now to be honest, I would say that you will get a shock at the factory ammo prices with this calibre, Std Winchester 140gr molly coated were working out at almost £3.50 each round!

I am now reloading & have plenty of brass so its fine, all in all I am very happy with the rifle.

With respect to the 6.5x55, she is just a great all round good calibre to use on all UK species, they seem to be about the least messy in terms of carcas damage also, a good friend I have down in Dorset uses the 6.5 on Sika which we take in from him & they are all very clean for butchering up-much more so than the old 243 or my WSM I have to say.

If you get the WSM just ensure you have it modorated as without it they are a bit of a monster!

Regards Lee