6.5x55 loads


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hi guys im bored out my tree this evening so to entertain myself I want to ask you 6.5x55 users what loads you use and what sort of velocity your getting with them(if you know). im not trying to get you to do work for me but I am actually interested in what you have found best works for you.... cheers


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At the moment I am using 49 gr of n560 behind a 140gr interlock. No doubt it is far from the most efficient load but it gives me roughly the same poi as my federal factory load


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Sierra 140gr GameKing with 44 gr H4350 or
Sierra 120gr GameKing & 46 gr H4350
Cracking powder, shame it's so fu****g hard to get hold of


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Vectan Tubal 5000 40.5gn behind the H 129 grain SST.

In my rifle at .025" off the lands this was a cracker.

I am a Vectan fan but not a dedicated one.

At the moment, I am working up a load for the same bullet using Viht N160.