6.5x55 reloading novice


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since i have bought a swarovski Z6 2.5-15x56 BT
thought i might give reloading some shells a go
the question being what powders to use ,is ther any useful books /ballistics programs etc

i currently use federal 140 grn bullets and like the minimal meat damage
whats your opinions



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The sako catalogue lists their load as being 42.4gn of viht n-160. When you think about it,their factory loads are expected to shoot well in a lot of different rifles.
You might have to do it the slow way,& do a bit of load development to learn what shoots.


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I have found 45 grains of H4350, Hornady 129 grain Interlocks, Lapua brass and CCI or Federal LR primers work very well in my CZ 550.

Just remember what is safe in another rifle may not be safe in yours, so work up to the load from a safe starting point. Each of the powder manufacturers will provide maximum and minimum loads, be guided by these.


Tikka 260

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I think I have quoted this before BUT here goes again.

Lapua brass
Nosler 120 Gn BT
RL 22 - 49 Gns
Federal GM210 Primers

Suits my Lawton action / LW barrel 1:9 twist at 25 thou off the lands , gives overlapping holes at 100m , and grouped 3 rounds into 1.5" @ 400 metres.

Usual cautions apply about using load data from Others, work up the load in your particular rifle CAREFULLY.

Best of Luck with the 6.5x55 !




This might help and i use it i like Vita Powders

i use vit n560 48.5 grn bullets are 129 grn sst cci primer and i can group at less than 2inch at a hundred if i am strapped down to a bench i have grouped about inch.
I have used vit n150 and n160 all good powders. ;)

ps scroll down to page 22 -23 that's were your data is.
Enjoy what is probably the best all round calibre for the British deerstalker :lol: :lol:


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Hi all,

A mate of mine has just bought his first stalking rifle, a 6.5x55 T3lite.
I have pormised him i'd sort a load out for him.
In my 6.5 i use a Nosler 140 PARTITION and Re22 with cci primers he has been give n2x full tubs of Vhit 160 and 200 Lapua cases with the rifle, last week I picked up some Hornady interlocks 140 gn so we are going to have an afternoon at Minsterley ranges in the new year to sort his load out, while i'm there i might try and find a new load for mine I fancy trying some 120s, any of you using Sierra's in this weight?



I load 140 gr Sierra Gamepoints in Rem cases over 46.5 grains of H-4350. A bit on the hot side but works well for me in a sporterized Swede Mauser, 20" bbl.


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I've just got another 6.5x55 and the first thing I have noticed is that the loads for the old gun(Tikka) perform differently in the new gun. Not a huge difference but this points towards always starting at the low end of the scale and working up...

I use Reloader 19 and V V n160 and my favourite bullet is the Hornady SST129g at 2675-2725fps

Sierra Gamekings and Hornady SP interlock , both 140g, are the most accurate.I can't get much more than 2500fps however the last dozen or so deer shot were with the gamekings @2400-2450fps....no problems, but the trajectory a bit bowed. Mind that won't worry you with your fancy BT swaro!