Sold: 640x512 1800m cheap thermal spotter

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Most of the 3 year warranty remaining. Few months old.

1800m detection.

Thermtec Cyclops 635

640 x 512 12um
Sub 35mk NETD
35mm lens F 1.0
2 - 12 x magnification
0.39" 1024 OLED display screen
50hz frame rate
Custom noise reduction and sharpness levels
Image enhancement technology
12.5 x 10 degrees field of view
Choice of colour palettes
12hour internal battery.. I have tried and tested this and the battery charge goes on for the listed time.
IP67 waterproofing
16mb of memory for photos and video
Wifi and app for photo/videoviewing/downloading
Weighs only 550grams

Better than anything in the same model or similar make range in 384 resolution. And competitive image compared to more expensive 640 units made in the same country of manufacture. For example, this is the same sensor as used in the HIK Gryphon GQ, Panther PQ mk1 and Thunder TQ mk range.

Comes good condition and boxed with original items plus a neck lanyard.

Check out the Youtube vidoes, fantastic value.

£1115 posted, which is a bargain for the value packed in. A big saving on RRP. (£2100)

Post is not open for comments, so please send a message/private message to purchase or to enquire with questions.

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