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Has anyone tried the new 69 tipped match kings at longer range, if so are they much better than the non tipped match kings.


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Suggest you pm Chester p on here he has much experienc in this matter or look on UK Varmiting for his extensive write up.



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I've tried them at ranges from 100 yds to 450 yds, and will be shooting them to 600 yds next weekend. They seem very sensitive to getting the right barrel time (node) for your barrel, and not all barrels shoot them well. Some people can't get on with them at all. In my rifle, they seem to work well, but it took a lot of trial and error to find the appropriate nodes.

They are very tolerant of jump, so knowing that, the only way to see if they will work in your rifle, is to start at 10thou or so off the lands, load some to develop your load ladder, and pick the top 3 or so most accurate nodes on powder weight at that seating depth. Don't worry for now, if those nodes are an inch and a half group or half an inch. Once you have found the approximate load that results in just a vertical spread difference between those 3 loads, then seat in by around 30 thou a time from 10 thou out to 130 thou out Be careful in doing so not to overly compress the loads and check for pressure signs, remembering as you decrease seating depth, there'll come a point where pressure will start to rise. Coincidentally, where they work best for me = 100 thou jump = COAL as published by a few powder vendors for a 69gr Scenar (ie 2.26" COL in .223)

I found two nodes that work well. Mine will shoot good groups at 15 thou and 100 thou seating depth with the same load. I use N140 in .223 for mine. The groups are better with a slightly compressed load seated out at 100 thou seating depth but that won't be the same for everyone, as each barrel will be different. Consistently will group at 0.25moa. Shot the best group a few weeks back at 200yds which was 0.15moa in still conditions. They seem to be a very consistent and accurate bullet. The load I use results in an MV of 2750 fps. Using the G7 bc, that would make them stable to around 750 yds, although by then, the biggest factor will of course be wind. I see them more as a very accurate 400 to 600 yd bullet when conditions allow but there's no reason on a still day why you couldn't have fun with them to 1000 yds if you can generate the velocities needed. I think that they have the making of a good target round to 600 yds and a few hunter's that I've spoken to have using them for vermin control and report excellent results on fox, very like A-max.

The biggest advantage of course is that they have an improved BC over the standard MatchKing.

Brian Litz has verified a G7 of 0.182 for these as opposed to a G7 of 0.169 for the non-tipped MatchKing. Both figures are for the averaged G7 figure. It is important to use this in ballistics apps rather than the G1 when you want accurate data much past 300 yds.
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