For Sale: 7.62x39 Brass

A Shot in the dark

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.308 but I have used them in the 7.62x39 and got good results.
I've sent you a PM
And I would agree that there is no issues using .308" cal bullets as they are 0.003" smaller the correct size which is 0.311" like a 303 British.
But you can find them for sale 308 will do the job on short distance!


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Will you accept £80 inc p&p for the 516 bullets listed below?
316 x.30 cal Speer 130gr Flat SP £50
200 x 30 cal Speer 100gr Plinkers £30
PM with payment details if my offer is accepted.
Kind regards


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Just made payment of £80 to your account.
Please wrap & pack well to prevent damage/loss in the post & a message when sent with any tracking info is appreciated.
Many thanks.
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