Hi there Scrummy,
yeah will let you know how she goes .Have just received her and quite pleased ,getting a short suppressor fitted.Most of stalking where I live is close quarters in fairly thick native bush and scrub with open valley flats.Rifles get knocked about and used as tools and sks is good cheap option,mines composite with light dragunov stock and short 161/2 inch barrel so should be ideal .From what I have researched calibre is close to 30.30 in ballistics though lighter slug but still harder hitting than 223.Most of us older ex meat shooters over here have been used to using lighter calibres to ensure less meat damage in the early days of meat hunting when we only got paid out after deer were processed .The cleaner the meat the more money was paid.Its all down to correct placement and getting close enough when open stalking.This for me is the joy of the hunt.My old BSA 222 I have just restored and probably wont use now.Had her since 1963 and is a collectors item over here .BAR 27O is set up for night shooting with 6x26 power scope and suppressor so too cumbersome for bush .Also getting a bit heavy for this old coot to lug around for any distance.Very safe for target identification and long shots in the light however.Used her very successfully in later years of meat shooting when we were paid an overall price for the whole carcass and most of us graduated to a heavier calibre as meat damage did not matter so much .7.62X39 ammo is ok to come by currently.A very popular calibre over here for young lads who like plinking .A good cheap reliable option as a first rifle with reasonably priced ammo.

cheers for now,


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Hi Brownie,

Thanks for that. haveyou had it down on the range yet? A good friend of mine wants to put an optic on the top of his to help out with the eyesight. He's not sure of the best way of mounting one though. I hear what you say about a good brush gun. Built to be used by the Russian peasantry I suppose. And the "revolting" oppressed peasants of the world as well no doubt.

I think the 7.62x39 could be an excellent deer round if loaded right. Sadly in both the UK and France it falls foul of one regulation or another so not used that much. I'm assuming you guys get SovBloc suplus ammo.

Do you guys shoot much else in the way of military surplus down there such as SVT40s, old Mausers etc?

We have obviously the Swiss stuff, M98s in the form of VZ24s, M48s and German / Austrian stuff coming out of our ears, plenty of US arms (1903 Springfields, Garrands and even the odd P1917) but the British / Commonwealth and the Russian stuff is harder to come by.