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Free: 75 rounds of factory Hornady 22 Hornet V max ammo


Well-Known Member
Free to collection only

75 unused boxed factory rounds of hornady 22 hornet 35gr v max ammo

must be collected

please note you must have an FAC with a relevant authorisation to possess expanding anmo in said caliber
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Rupert J

Well-Known Member
Very generous offer Mark. I've asked round my friends, but sadly none can meet up.
Hope you have a very Happy Christmas.


Well-Known Member
Hi mark are you giving up on the hornet?
I'm thinking of getting one. I think they are a good round

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Well-Known Member
Thank you for the comments ,

i dont shoot much small vermin anyway to justify the cost or use as it was mainly just for a bit of Long range fun on rabbits , squirrel etc



Hi mark,
I'm on my tomorrow from Mansfield to Newport (South Wales)
where abouts are you? Maybe I could call past if they are still available?
many thanks


Well-Known Member
i did wonder when some one would try to post loaded rounds,perhaps they want to test the system.even uk mail gets x-rayed:cuckoo: