7mm - o8 heavy bullets



Curently use my 7-08 with 140 gamekings. very good killing / knock down with minimul meat damage, exellent accuraccy.
Was thinking of trying something a lot heavier as per experiment in case i want to hunt boar or the like some time (actually it just coz i like to mess i think) anyone got a good heavy load.

By the way mine won't shoot the 120's etc so i suspect it might just like a big old lump of lead

Tikka 260

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I have shot Boar with the 7-08 using Federal 150gn factory loads, They work !

I have no experience with anything heavier in the 7-08 , and IMHO if you want to go much heavier than 155-160Gns , you ought to go .308 / 30-06 etc etc and upwards.

Sorry , can't be more helpful.



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heavy 7mm08

speer list loads for thier 175gr bullets, the magtip is a good bullet. Did you find the data you needed, i have it if not


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What sort of velocity can you get out of the 7mm -08 case with the 175 gn bullets? Does it have enough case capacity to push them at meaningful velocities or are you down around 2,300fps area.

Many thanks


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with 47 gr of re 19 it lists 2628 under 175gr bullets. thats quite a good speed for a heavy bullet. starting load is 43 gr oal 2.745 in
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