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has anyone had any experiance of a 7x57 for general stalking purposes? most of my stalking is Roe & Fallow. any help would be appreciated
many thanks bullet
I have just bought a drilling in 7x57R, which is the rimmed version. I have found it to essentially have no real recoil that I can feel, shooting S&B 140gr soft points. Hopefully I can tell you how it performs on muntjac this weekend.


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It is the grandaddy of all modern cartridges, and still does the job, even better today. Same ballistics as the 7mm-08, its modern short action grandson: 140-gr at 2,800 fps, 120-gr at 3,000, 154-gr at 2650, 175-gr at 2550, but works just as well backed off a bit from those maximums.

I only load for the lower pressure ( original pressure ) 7x57R for my combination gun. In my 20s, I owned a pre-64 Model 70 in 7x57 which had a rich history and was a splendid rifle. An original load of 139-gr bullet at 2,660 fps is plenty flat shooting and hard hitting, without all the boom and recoil.


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Used one for many years, also on plains game in Africa, found it to be suitable culling rifle for all deer species. I have a BSA Hunter that was used by an army officer during his service and saw little use, I reload using a 140gn Nosler partition and have no issues with it at all. In all I have 223 up to 270, and still enjoy using the 7X57, only downside could be availability of ammo, but that could be an issue for many calibres, I enjoy reloading for all my rifles so I don't have that problem. deerwarden


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One of the centerfire rifles I have owned the longest has been a custom 7x57. Since 1980 I have had it and it remains one of my most accurate CF rifles. I have never fired a second round at an animal with it which speaks of it's shootability (for me) and it's lethality. Every animal I shot with it has fallen within a body length of where it was standing when I squeezed the trigger. On one hot New Mexico Sunday morning I raised some eyebrows by showing up at a 500M Metallic Silhouette competition (200, 300, 385, and 500m off hand) and taking fifth place in a field of 24 shooters: No scope zero, no practice. I'd been out of town and that was the only rifle I had ammo for the morning of the match. The rifle took care of me!:D I have set it aside for my Tikka 7-08 so that if he is deemed worthy of it (and I'm serious) my 18 mo old grand son will get it when he is of age.

If you are a reloader, and unless you want a 'classic' caliber, I would advise the 7-08 instead. No confusion on load data, good brass availability.~Muir


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Have owned a Rigby .275 Mauser Obendorf commercial action custom by Ron Wharton for about 12 years. I have shot all six UK deer, chamois, mouflon, boar and about 15 plains game from Springbok up to and including eland and crocs with it. It has stopped them all perfectly well first shot when the bullet is in the right place. I am pretty happy out to about 300 yards on the hill with it with its reasonably good ballistics (ie flat, relatively wind resistant depending on bullet BC, and great sectional density). I mainly use 150 grainers but go up to 176 Nosler partitions for the Africa stuff. I own several rifles from .243 - .500 nitro express calibre and if I had to choose one rifle and calibre to do everything I want it would prob be this altho the Ron .375 H&H it is paired with would give it a run for its money

If you reload masses of bullets and loads to choose from

Good reasons the Boers did so well with them



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great calibre its the one I reach for in the cabinet more than any of the others I own I use 123gr rws and 140gr federals with the rws zero'd at 1" over at 100yrds this puts the feds spot on at 100yds without haveing to rezero very pleasant to shoot even more so than my .243, I dont find any probs getting ammo (cant be bothered to reload )


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become my favourite of all

currently building 3 for clients and hoping for 1 more this spring. Just can't fault it for any species really, also mild on recoil with a wide range of bullet weights up to 175g for pigs if needed. For long range stuff you can push 168g amax. probably what the 6.5 swede aspires to be, but never will.

also just starting to build a new one for myself on a repatriated VZ24 M98 action, obviously now M24/52C, probaby the finest ever made, even above 1909 modello argentino. Lapped the lugs, including the rear lug for over 98% engagement, polishing it up next week, then ordering the stock blank from fine english walnut, which will undoubtedly take my another year to carve. Planning on leaving the action high polish in the white, and rust bluing the barrel with a nice quarter rib and clawmounts (as it has a stunning front receiver crest), including a 2 leaf front sight, and banded front sight. I have a nice M70 style steel buttplate (checkered) which should suit it nicely, and finally, a domed 3 position side safety.

always wanted a massive range of calibres, from .222 to silly magnums, but I believe I will end up sticking to the 7x57 for 99% of my hunting, although I am also working on a 300H&H on a commercial FN action which is just something I can't help for nostalgia sake, again, another which 'just makes sense'..that said, I bet it's going to get left in the cabinet for the 7mm Mauser all too many times. I foresee the 300 to be built similar to the 7mm above, but with a H&H style banded front sight and banded sling swivel, but with red silvers pad, or perhaps leather covered...that said, I do have evil plans of flogging it to Scrumbag ( you KNOW you want one) ;)

...now I just need the TIME to actually do things for myself.....


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... that said, I do have evil plans of flogging it to Scrumbag ( you KNOW you want one) ;)
Oi! I do not need a .300H&H...

000bullet000, 7x57 is a lovely chambering, very flexible and lots of choice in 7mm bullets. If you've found a good one you like: enjoy with confidence!



Heym SR20

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The .222, 6.5x55, 7x57, 30-06, 375h&h, and 50 BMG are all very well balanced cartridges that are shooting ballistically efficient bullets at sufficient velocity for them to be flat shooting and to have good penetration and thump on a target anywhere a few yards up to several hundred, but without having to use large amounts of powder and high pressures.

They are thus easy to shoot with modest recoil ( for the size, energy and effectiveness) and also very forgiving of loads and ammunition.

7x57 is ideal for all game animals save for truly large beasts where a 375 would make more sense. Yes there are other cartridges that shoot flatter, hit harder etc, but all have the price of being somewhat fussy, noisier, more recoil etc.


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I witnessed PM test firing his 7x57R down at Malc's place and I was amazed by the apparent lack of recoil.
No offence intended but PM isn't the biggest of blokes and if it wasn't for the puff of smoke from the barrel I would hardly have guessed he had fired the thing! He barely moved. It looked pretty much recoil-free to me.
If I didn't already own all the rifles I need I would seriously consider getting hold of a 7x57 myself.


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I recommend that calibre highly! I have a Ruger No.1 International and it is dead on at all times,even with PPU 175s for zeroing...no forend screw probs and it is a 1995 gun,I use Federal 140g and it is spot on,there is one on Guntrader,go for it! Shot a Muntjac with it last week,carcasse damage minimal..Great Calibre!!