7x64 Superperformance


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After reading the current thread on the 7x57 and remarking that I would like to see a .280 Rem and 7x64 Superperformance load with 154 and 162-gr bullets, I found some 7x57 Mauser SuperP with teh 139-gr SST, some 7x64 SuperP ammo with the 139-gr Hornady GMX mono bullet with plastic tip, and some conventional 154 and 162 grain ammo, and mention of a SuperP in 154. Most of this is labeled by Hornady as "European Only".

So I was wondering if any of you have seen this ammunition, used it, taken any of it apart to see how much powder, COAL measurements, etc.... and of course, accuracy and results on game.

I have gotten some Hornady Custom 7x57R with 162-gr SST, a surprising bullet to find for that cartridge.
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1390gr! That's a hell of a round ;)

On a serious note, i've only seen .243 and .308 superformance. 7x57 and 7x64 are much less common here (which is a shame) but in Europe they are still very big so I'd say when they say 'europe only' they probably mean mainland Europe.


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I use the 270 superformance, good round. Whether it's as fast as they claim I don't know. Bought a tub of superformance powder to try in my 243, not much data about for it. Plus I've been told the superformance powder we can buy is not the same as the powder they put in the factory rounds.



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Sadly the only 7 to show up on the shelves in Ireland is the remmy mag. I'd love to give a 7x57, 7-08, .280 or 7x64 a go, but oh well.

The 6.5x55, which does show up a bit, tends to be a lot more expensive than "the regulars" (.243/.25-06/.270/.308/.30-06).