8x68s chamber reamer


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Good morning,
Does anyone know where I could find a 8x68s chamber reamer? A friend abroad is in need.

Thank you!


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David Manson made my last one,I sent him the CIP drawings and voila under a fortnight..no sweat no fuss and super quick,look up Manson Reamers on google.


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As above, Manson are very helpful and will post to the UK. UK manufacturers don't seem to be interested in selling reamers or barrels to the public.


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Plus 1 for Dave Manson.
Dave, and his assistant Dara are both hunters as well as engineers.
Here’s a pic of Dara (If it will post) on a pig hunt with Dave. She hunts pigs from ground level, no hiding in trees for her and her 7mm Waters Improved TC.
Damn, pic won’t load. Says uploaded file is too large. I get that every time since site was updated.