Available: 9 guns Available for a 100 bird day


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As per title we wish to offer the opportunity for 9 guns for a 100 bird day.
Pheasant + duck driven shooting on the 17th December 2011.
Total cost per gun £350
Arrival at 9 AM
Bring own lunch and drink.
Steel shot only for Duck.
Must have own Insurance.

We need a firm commitment for this, if the 9 guns are not placed within the next 10 days (cut off 9 Dec '11) and deposits taken the day will be scrapped.
So if you really want to have a nice day out act soon!
A deposit of £100 will be asked after ALL guns have announced their commitment, this will be a non-refundable deposit.

Contact: turveystalking (at) gmail.com

Please do not use the Stalking Directory Private Message facility
for booking, use the links to the email or website
Thank you
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That's quite expensive isn't it?

Not really for a proper days driven pheasant and duck shooting.
Hey, the estate is willing to allow one days shooting this season.
Usually this estate ONLY shoots its birds privately,
so they are being generous in allowing this opportunity.

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Not expensive, thats about the going rate nowadays. You won't get too many shoots offering driven birds at very much less than £30 a head. Many are heading towards £40!
It's an expensive job rearing pheasants today!