90 Grain Nosler Balistic Tip

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I load 43.5 gns of Vihatavouri 160 with federal gold match primers in Federal Brass. Using the Nosler 90gn Ballistic tips this load achieves 3180 fps over the chrono out of my Schultz & Larsen with a 24" Barrel. This load suits my Rifle but it may not necessarily suit yours, it achieves .5" 3 shot groups at 100m.
My advice would be pick a suitable powder and work up some loads according to the load data.



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Use 48 gr of reloader 22 in mine, for a listed 3063 fps.

Drop both Roe and foxes equally well, excellent for those windy nights after charlie.

Not the fastest of loads but groups very well in mine, plus I am trying to use up the RL-22 so I can start load the RL-17 in my 270WSM :)
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