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Still on the hunt for a mod.
Looked at an A10 that you can take apart and clean, including baffles. £75 more than T8 but apparently quieter and make less of as tinny noise and about the same size and weight. I think i looks a good blend of the T8 and the T12.
Anyone had any experience with these?


What caliber ?
Weight of rifle ?
Barrel lenght ?

I ask because i have a T8 on my .22-250
and a Ase Ultra S5 on my .260

The Ase is as good as the T8 but Stainless Steel

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Is for a .243 sako 75.
Just under 8 pounds
and has a 23 inch barrel.
I'm not sure who makes the A10 but they are really well made.
I'm not too sure about the ASE mods, i;m sure they are very good but i am really after one the sleves over the barrel. Muzzle flip and reduced recoil is very much a consideration for me so weight is not much of an issue!


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The whole shooting match is the company that makes the A10. They are British made. You can either buy one of the rack or they will make one to the calibre of your rifle. They have had excellent reviews in all the magazines I have read over the last few months. They also make a the A7 which is mostly for rimfires. Check them out at
I shall be purchasing one once the large rifle arrives.


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I have just ordered a Viper, from Bradford Shooting, strippable and spare available, happy to make it fit several rifles if you want too.

adonised ally £180.

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She's in at the gunsmiths as we speak being threaded for the A10. i will also be able to use the same mod on the 30-06. He told me they do a smaller mod for .222 and the like but i wanted the larger on as to reduce muzzle flip and as i said it can be used on larger calibers.
dropped her off on monday morning and picking her up on friday morning. thats service for you! will let you know how i get on, i think i will be very supprised!!


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dropped her off on monday morning and picking her up on friday morning. thats service for you! will let you know how i get on, i think i will be very supprised!!
So the rifle wont have been resubmitted for proof then?

Naughty naughty!!

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yeh well i don't intend to sell her and i am told by the gunsmith even if i did you just sell the rifle compleate with mod and there is no problems.
I hope that is correct or else the buggers telling porkies and i had better send her off!!


2428 miles said:
yeh well i don't intend to sell her and i am told by the gunsmith even if i did you just sell the rifle compleate with mod and there is no problems.
I hope that is correct or else the buggers telling porkies and i had better send her off!!
He's telling you porkies.

So much for so called professional advice.Would you care to name and shame?


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He is certainly telling you porkies regarding selling it un proofed but as long as you have it in your possession it does not need to be sent off.
If much later you decide to sell it you can then decide which is cheaper, send it off for proofing or get the thread cut off and barrel re-crowned.

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Yes, that is what he said, and i have no intentions to sell the rifle. maybe in the quiet period over the summer i will send it off to be proofed.
i was actualy talking about this with my firearms officer who did the variation on my licence and he said that there was a bit of a grey area regarding the re sale and he thinks that the law will change fairly soon to make it clear to all. He said that there are loopholes in the system but they were fairly relaxed about it. anway i would be interested to hear what you chaps know and have been told?

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She is a beast!
Picked it up on friday and shot it yesterday. compleatly taimed the rifle, i know .243 is not a big round with much of a kick but it compleatly reduced felt recoil and muzzle flip. grouping reduced to the size of a 5p
very happy indeed.
recomend it!

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Thanks stealth Mod,

I'm all sorted now and gone with the A10. Gunsmith did a grand job and it is so effective. The deer just have no idea whats going on. the last buck i wacked went down and the doe that was with him ran staight towards me, clearly confused about which direction the danger was coming from.
Can't wait till later in the year and have multiple shots in a heard of Fallow!!

We Wa Woo wa!!! (You've got to love Borat!)
Un proofed Rifle

I am an engineer employed threading rifles for the gun trade and i can tell you that a who ever the gun smith is that threaded your barrel is in breach of the firearms act by threading a rifle and then passing an unproofed weapon back to the owner.
If you had screw cut your own weapon and made your own moderator providing you had a variation to have a mod you breach no law untill you come to sell the weapon.
The meer act of screw cutting rendered your weapon OUT OF PROOF and that is a fact.


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Never mind proof regulations, keep those nuts at the end of the A10 TIGHT! They now recommend you check after every round when bedding in, and following what is known in the business as a catastrophic failure I second that advice. :oops:

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Hi Geoshot,

I am glad there is another person out there who has bought an A10.
I totally agree with everything you said. Fantastic bit of kit.
I went on a BDS range day shortly after getting it fitted and had a much tighter group throughout the day until the last five. We could not work out what it was that had changed. When I got home and took the mod off for cleaning etc, I was horrified to find that I could hear something rattling in my new and very expensive mod. As you said, the nuts had come loose!!! Thank god there was no nasty accident and now I know and like you check it religiously. I actually tightened it up with the use of a spanner, which seems to have done the job.
It is a very good mod and I am very happy with it but please please make sure you keep a beady eye on the nuts!


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2428 miles,
there are two sections in the firearms act that clearly state what constitutes an offence regarding having a moderator fitted.

1. you cannot sell,exchange or pawn a firearm that is not proofed.
2. you cannot sell,echange any firearm that has had the barrel UNDULY modified so as to make it unsafe!

You did not sell or exchange your rifle for the smith to do the work, so no offense has been committed.

You have not had your barrel unduly modified as to make it unsafe, so no offense has been committed.

Your gunsmith has committed any offense by modifying the barrel to accept a moderator and the firearms act is clear when it states and underlines the word UNDULY. The law would have to prove that the gun is unsafe..
The proof act states that all parts of a small arm are subject to proof, so any work on action/bolt/trigger would require the firearms to be subjected to proof on every occasion..

Your gunsmith is not telling you PORKIES!
It is also not illegal to be in possesion of a firearms not in proof,it is illegal to sell a firearms not in proof to anyone other than a firearms dealer..

So to all that gave this man sleepless nights, get your facts right..


Now to the thread :
With the work that I am involved in I am constantly coming in to contact with various rifles that are moderated,I have only witnessed one A10 and can say that it looked well made and its suppression was easily on a par with the reflex T8 and better than the PES..
I was unable to compare it with the Jet Z, but to me the Jet Z are certainly premier league leaders in the suppression technologly..
If i get the chance over the next two weeks to compare then I will respond then..



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A 10 moderator old/new model

Interesting to hear the findings on the A10. Currently trying to decide between the A-Tec and the Stealth A10 mods.

Having spoken to Stuart at the Whole Shooting Match, the new model of the A10 is called the Stealth, and this has a revised design. There are no bolts/nuts to loosen, due to the redesign. So I think you may have purchased an older model, although the Stealth has been available for a few months now.

The concept of the Stealth A-Tec models are now very similar, the Atec are slightly lighter, but extend the barrel length by just under 2 inches more than the Stealth.