A Big Thank You To Muddy

New Avon Arms


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Hi All,
Stone and myself ventured down to Northamptonshire Friday evening to meet Muddy. What an excellent time we had! Mr and Mrs Muddy, Stone and I spent hours talking about deer, dogs and all things to do with the Great Estates and the countryside in general. Our host then sent us home in the wee hours with a plethora of gifts and minds buzzing with useful information.
So I would just like to thank both Mr and Mrs Muddy (John and Sylvia) for their hospitality and friendship.
Both Stone and myself are very much looking forward to seeing Muddy, 222CWD and Ellie at Quex.

Thank you. ;)


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Superb isnt that what its all about? Like minded people having a good time and sharing ideas and stories. Sounds like my kind of night.



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Hi Nutty,
Yes Muddy is a very experienced stalker and countryman. A bit like Johnny Kingdom, :eek: Well if Johnny Kingdom actually knew what he was talking about and was a genuine bloke! I think their was a complement in there somewhere for Muddy. :lol:


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very nicely put mrB
i hav just posted some pics of some off the deer we spoke about and related to from some of the many fine memories from muddy's collection
sorry we never got to meet you 222cwd but shall meet at quexs and nice to meet you ellie though very briefly, very interesting evening with such good company many thanks again to the muddy clan
i did get in trouble from making enough noise when sorting the freezer out but it was worth it :lol:


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Yeah I woke the misses up to tell her what a good time we had. She was very pleased for me at that time of the morning, I don't think! :lol:


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evening in with great company

I would - we would like to thank you for you comments about friday night a great night in with like minded people i think we all learned something from the conversations between us on not just shooting subject . The only problem i now have is some PRATT SORRY mentioned johny kingdom and another PRATT ie 222cwd and ellie are now looking for a stupid hat we have already got the feathers for me to look like johny . The only thing similar is the name as mine is john if a hat turns up im sorry but i will shoot it . NO OFFERS of a HAT on this sight PLEASE i can make a pratt of myself with or with out the HAT thanks for the comments again MUDDY
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