A bit of a fraud...


Is how I'm feeling at the moment!

You see, I no longer shoot! Anything, no rifles, shotguns, bows of any kind, I'm sure you get the idea! Having said all that, I used to be heavily involved in culling fallow herds on private land. This was a service that we, the family business, used to offer land owners when the time came for a little herd thinning. We would remove the required number from the herd, as specified by the landowner, prepare the carcasses, hang them, and then return them to the estate kitchen for use.

I was involved in this for a number of years until the various landowners died off and the herds were broken up.

Now, suffering from the dual curse of 'tempus fugit' and arthritis, I'm pretty much useless! I can still, however, swing a hammer, which is why I'm here. I make knives!

I was advised to take a look on here by various guys over on British Blades and Bushcraft UK, and it seems that they were right. It looks like a lively community.

OK, what else? Well, I'm based in Devon, I'm 63, and have knives of mine working all over the country, as well as a few in other countries!

​That's pretty much it, so, Hi. all!


OK, I can do that! Here you go...






The last one is a bit of leatherwork I did for a 'reinactor' (or a village people tribute band, I can't remember which!)

​Just a quick sample, I'll post some more when I find them. What do you think, guys?


Site Staff
Welcome to the site, be very careful about "advertising" your goods you might have to consider trade membership



I'm probably going to go for trade membership anyway! The stuff I make is in use by a few stalkers already and it's them that suggested that I get on here!
Thanks for the advise though.



It's all 01 tool steel, or GFS, or Gauge Plate, all the same stuff. Making the blades is a combination of forging for the general shape and the bevels, and grinding to get rid of all the other stuff! I tend to leave the blades as 'brute de forge' which translates directly from the medieval French as, "lazy bu**er that can't be bothered to clean up properly"

I'm told this finish is more stain and tarnish resistant, so that's good enough for me!

The one's I've sold are all designed to be used and have all gone for a workingman's price, around £50.00 delivered. Once I get a few more finished, I'll do a trade membership and see if any of you good people might fancy one...or two... or...


Site Staff
Welcome to the site, there are a few knife makers on here who seem to pick up trade from the membership, therefore please make it a trade membership before posting anymore.
Thank you