A bit of stag scent


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She might be getting close to calving FB,i have noted what appears to be an exposed clean/clear teat in the right spot.
I was in there today,took a mate in and he thought that it was a 'great place to put up a stand" he is a bowman.
The main bole is one of a wild cherry tree that has been rubbed for many many years and the stags preach under the limb.
I saw five deer this morning but the cover had them well...covered! Not much in the video dept.


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She's one chunky monkey!
Do they ever have twins?
Always look forward to your posts, I can only begin to guess how many hours you put in on the deer.thanks.


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dainty the lower legs and hooves are for such a top heavy animal.
Yes they have remarkably small hooves compared to cow footed reds,but they will kick the tripe out of ya anyway ha ha.
Actually on reflection they have HD solid legs but which look undersized due to their big heavy bodies.

Do they ever have twins?
I personally have seen 4-5 sets of twins,another fella sent me a pic of guaranteed twins with a hind.
Rare as hens teeth they are too.

I do put a lot of time in but as a retiree I have the time and I do live in among the deer in the mountain country which helps in not having to drive for x amount of hours that many have to.
They still aren't easy to come by in heavy bush though. This poor bit of video I took this morning,illustrates some of the bush which is a pita to try and weave a shot or a camera sight through.
She is about or under 200 yards away. I did see a fair few more deer with no hope of videoing them.
Zooming in meant the auto was focusing on the schite between us.

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Hello John

As always the photos are enthralling!
The clip and the necessary equipment, for a 'retiree' suggests to mesel' (Hardy again!) you need a Man-Person'..............
So long as its not just 'sal'beef n bread'...........