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Hi All,

Bought a 'New' second hand a-bolt (only fired 10 rounds) and want to ask some simple questions.

When looking around the market for what I wanted, I came accross the Howa Hogue and although I loathed it's lumpy bolt sliding action I loved the feel of the stock. Can you get a similar stock for the a-bolt?

Secondly, wanting to upgrade the trier to a lighter action, what make should I be looking for?

Cheers in advance.


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Don't know about the hogue stock but boyds do a 99% inlet thumb hole stock for an a lot my mate has one on his 308 and it feels very nice when you mount it think it cost him about £120 by the time it got here and was very easy to fit and finnish.



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Which stock does your rifle have now? The dura touch rubbery one or the original plastic one?
i have ordered a boyds laminate for mine which is sitting in customs so should be here in a week or so, if its any good I will be selling the dura touch short action stock.
Whilst searching the nicest looking off the shelf stock was the Bell and Carlson but costs a lot more than the Boyds.

I sorted my trigger very easily using this guide
No. 11. Browning A Bolt Install a Light Trigger Spring
There are a few springs available from the US but I found one in my gun bits drawer that just needed shortening, it might even be a pen spring:oops: