A brace of roe bucks

Leica Amplus 6

Out in Surrey this morning, first light. Super-hot, sultry.

Arrived at the plot 1 at around 4:30 am and started stalking towards a decent buck in long dry grass. Not coming into the call, but it held him. Off the viper-flex, shot high in the neck, 4.45am and one in the motor.

Off to the second patch, buck and doe standing at 90 yards, neither buck nor doe coming into the call… waiting patiently for the animal to turn broadside… 👎🏼 Off they both went. Win some, lose some.

Plot 3 beckoned. Lovely patch, 4 acre cut grass field, surrounded on three sides by deciduous wood. This field had sheep in it a fortnight ago. Called with the buttolu… Nothing. Nothing. Full 10 minutes into calling, this cracker of a roe buck leapt over the barbed wire fence 300 yards away like a Cheltenham 🐎 then sprinted towards me. Ran right into 30 yards, last 30 yards pre that shouting for him to 🛑. Bang. 2nd buck of the morning at 5.45am. Viper-flex great, but when these bucks run like this it’s all about moving quickly to any type of rest that is more nimble.

Ace morning. Out again Saturday. Set to be stormy. I’ll be out hoping the thundery weather brings on active rut mojo and the moon 🌙 doesn’t spoil things… assuming most you lot are all at the Game Fair! Enjoy.

Be safe.

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