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I was in the City last night picking up more reloading supplies and at two of the larger stores -one a sports center and the other a ranch supply store- there was a relative abundance of powder and some bullets on the shelves. I may have just hit their weekly shipments arrival but other than Benchmark and Varget, they seemed to have a little bit of everything US Domestic. I picked up the last two cans of H322 from the ranch supply but the other place listed it on their "available" board. Both stores had some .224 bullets and some of them were priced very well. Five hundred LOTS of 50 grain V-Max were $90, some individual boxes of 60 grain SP's were $15/100 and they had some of the Hornady 52 grain match for $15.50/100. These are regular prices so no one is gouging. The ranch store had Sierra Match Kings in all calibers and varieties. I take all this as a good sign.~Muir

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We're starting to get more powder and components up here as well. For some reason Nosler bullets are a little hard to find, still its better than it was this spring.

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