A cold cold 2 hours calling for a fox ( did we get it.)


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Well both myself and Craig (1s1k) on the forum went out foxing last night, but first i had a couple of rifles to sort out zero wise after my recent changes in the cabinet,

so once that was done we knew the one we wanted and set off out into the wiltshire country side to see what was what, we set up overlooking a valley running from left to right with the higher ground in front of use and set the caller running,
after about 2 mins we seen the eyes just peeking over the top of the hill to the front of us, the range was about 400yards, so lamp off and we left the caller running at full pelt, lamp on and moved slowly to the left, there it is making its way to the left side of the valley and us,

it took the fox (oops the range to target at that time was around 380 yards) a good 30 minutes to reappear but again we waited, adjusted the caller level and we both looked at each other and almost said together it fokin cold init, we were so keen on getting the fox we had not noticed the drop in temp and with the truck engine off and the windows open rifles stuck out like cb antennas the icy wind was washing into the truck like wild northsea water,but we had no shot, we knew it was a fox but Craig had a big branch in the shot path,

so we are into the fox calling a good 1.5 hours and its sat at the base of a tree watching us, the caller was lowered yet again to the point it was just audible in the truck, but it would not move, there were rabbits running past her and she was not interested, SUDENLY another set of eye ! shoot and another was there three, nah just one more and a badger, so we focused our attention on the second set of eyes and it was a big dog shown her he was interested, but she (we thought it was a vixen by this stage) would not move he came and went like the badger,

time on the fox calling is now close the 2 hours and she had come all the way from about 1k to the hill then all the way to about 250 yards from our truck, we where both really feeling the cold, must be -3/4 by now i said, so Craig said can we just move a tad, i said we could chase her off if we start the truck, we took the chance, we moved back ? still not shot we moved forward again still no shot, bugger she's going to go, last try.

I moved the truck, which by this time has all the windows misted up with the freezing air, STOP we have a shot, Craig passed the rifle to me and i had a look, i said i have a shot, take it he says, but you have been waiting all night mate, get on and take it if you have clear shot. click down she went a nice shot with his rather beautiful parker hale 6mm rem,

we drove part of the way to collect the fox and we walked the rest to find this rather nice clean vixen (photos later) a clean chest shot with the 75 gr vmax from the 6mm rem, it was on inspection that i found that she had a rather short tail. no signs of a lump at the end and no bald patch where the tail ended, in fact the tail was clean and had fur all the way along the area i thought had been damaged, buy the size of her teeth i think she was about 2 years old but not more than 3 at most.

well another one for the log and a cold night just to remind me what its going to be like for the next few months, cold enough to turn my snotters to ice and when having a P i had to snap it off to carry on :)

cheers Craig, for the company and the shot, well worth the wait in the cold, PS: i did wake her up when i got in at 2am so that went down like a fart in a boiler suit.

the time now was 2hours and 12 minutes since the calling started until the final shot was taken.

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Well done Bob. :) Can I ask why you didn't go after the fox on foot?
hi paddy,

its simple really, Craig cant go to far on foot with his condition and the hill it was on was not the best place for me to start walking on slippy grass with a bad neck and a heavy rifle, besides all that,:oops: we did not take the rifle mounted lamp with us, ans she was so low in the ground that we could not see her from any other possition, she was worth waiting for (like im doing with the pictures from craigs phone,)