A dogs life.....Bones,brains,eyeballs,tongue,hide.

John Gryphon

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There is nothing better for a hunting dogs diet than one rich in "everything" in fact any dogs diet.
I gave young dog a full neck and head 2 days ago,the skull is normally split but due to the foggy/misty/drizzly conditions we haven't been doing as much in the bush as usual.
So fed unsplit to help alleviate boredom when he got it to play with it. Another couple of days he may just finish it off..remember this is the dog that ate a full hide,he is a champion gannet.
He ate the neck first then has started on the skull,he will eat those velvet knobs also...calcium plus!

sam skull 1.jpg

sam skull 2.jpg


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Samba have a very prominent tusk don’t they, appreciate it’s presumably a young animal but there seems to be good length to the tusk which presumably will wear and polish down in time. Just looks a lot more pronounced than anything I see on a red. Interesting to see.