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Just an idea that came to me, nothing too specific, a little bit of a who am I? Something like this;

I live and work as a Paramedic in Herefordshire. I'm a farmers son, been stalking for about 12 years.



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Hi Stuart / Blaser,
Nice one Stuart I was thinking it. I run a agricultural machinery dealership (combines & tractors) in Herefordshire and have stalked for about 13 years.
Just wondering Stuart dont you do any work in the day either ?


paul k

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I am in my mid-50s, a self employed management consultant, grew up in Monmouth but have now lived in the Vale of Clwyd, North East Wales for 18 years. On a clear day I can see fallow grazing the field edges across the vale from my louge window.

I have owned and used a shotgun since I was 15. I have been shooting rifles since I was 14 and was interested in deer from about the same age, although I didn't put the two interests together and start stalking until about 20 years ago, principally because at that point in time I moved out of the Gwent Police area into a more sensible area and could get my FAC without too much trouble.

Despite having plenty of fallow close by, stalking is very hard to get and I travel to Herefordshire, Sussex, Bucks, Wiltshire and Devon to stalk roe, fallow, muntjac and reds.

I also enjoy rough shooting and game fishing and used to be one of the idiots who stood out on the Severn estuary in a gale on a cold January night on the off chance of a shot at duck or geese - I'm too soft for that game now.

I worked in Saudi Arabia for three years and was lucky enough to be First Mate on a big game fishing boat in my spare time and therefore spent most of my weekends driving the boat on the Red Sea and fishing for marlin, sailfish and tuna for nowt.

My favourite field sports in order are

Deer stalking (roe and reds)
Sea trout fishing at night (I can walk to a salmon and sea trout river)
Duck flighting on inland ponds
Trout and grayling fly fishing
Rough shooting
Pigeon flighting
Bass fishing


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I'm in my mid 30's and a Business Development Manager for a company in the south.

Been shooting for a long time now, picked up my first rifle when I was 13 so have been shooting (Shotguna and rifle) for 21 years now. In terms of stalking I was lucky enough to start stalking 16 years ago and still remember my first sucessful stalk. Was a Orphaned red calf, shot by a loch in Scotland just before dusk.

Hold DSC level 1 and working towards level two also have attended an interesting course on deer law and liability laid on by Charlie Parks et al.

Have just sold my beloved motorbike :cry: to finance a truck to hall the beasties home in . :D


nice idea
im a 20 year old student. im studying countryside management with the view to become a land agent and rural estate management.

i have only been stalking for just over 2 years. after a childhood of shooting rabbits with the air rifle and going wildfowling with my father, it was just the natural progression for me. i stalk on an estate in the cotswold which holds fallow roe and muntjac.


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37 work as a property agent. I have stalked for the last 12 years with maybe 1 or 2 paid outings a year, but now have access to 5000 acres in the Cotswolds to stalk over, Fallow, Roe and Muntjack. Have stalked hinds and stags in Scotland (Perthshire, Argyle, and Jura).



I am a 35 yr old civil servant. Live in Lincolnshire. I have been stalking for 3 years now, last year seemed to be a watershed for me, i shot a lot of stuff. I shoot roe locally and i am getting into some muntjac this year.

i shoot .243 and .30-06

also i shoot ducks over the humber, so if anyone wants a flight at duck then give me a shout.



What sort of range do you shoot these ducks over the Humber at with your 30-06?

It must be a long retrieve for the dog. ;)

(couldn't resist)



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Sheep farmer, N.Devon. 48. Shooting deer for last 6 years; living with deer for 48 years. Don't have to travel far to shoot a deer here!


Hello everyone.
I have been a naturalist (NO NOT NATURIST) for as long as I can remember. Live in North East Kent, (not a good area for deer) have now reached the ripe old age of 50! I have stalked deer for 28 years, cut my teeth on Red Deer in Scotland, and now run a small hunting Co, taking clients for all the species fair chase in the UK and also Africa and for the last 3 years Finland.

Out of season I am the Curator in a famous private Big Game Museum in Kent, with full mounts of African and Asian big game, also a large weapon collection. I have hunted in Africa, Finland and America, and count myself as a very fortunate person.

To everyone in the Forum, I hope you all have a great 2007, keep stalking, keep throwing lead and never give in to any anti comment about the sport that we all enjoy and love.


I knew your museum. Fantastic place went there many a time when I was in Kent on holiday as a kid.Good to read that it is still in existence and hope to pay you another visit some day.


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Ok Im just turned 50, and Im a Building Control officer, (Building Inspector)

been shooting in some form or another for 40 yrs, stalking more recently for the past 10 years, and game shooting for about 18 years.
Oh and Bob is a knickname, my real name is Mike :lol:

Bambi Basher



Been shooting since I was 14 now 42, I used to live in Derby but now have moved to Dumfies to be near my stalking ground, mostly Roe but with the odd Sika to keep you on your toes.

Also have access to fallow in the midlands and go out to the west coast of Scotland on the reds regularly.

I am a Engineer for a big international company.

I love working my deer dog almost more than I love Stalking.

Hi to all of you.



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OK, I am 58 retired and moved to the Highlands, from Kent, twelve years ago. I now waste my days shooting and fishing.



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hi iam 36,work in chemical industry full time,water bailiff part time. enjoy walked/ rough shooting duck flighting/picking up/got 2 labs.done dsc level 1.hoping to get my first stalk in this year.live in north staffs not alot about only a few reds but not had any luck getting any permmision,any suggestions,had my 308 for nearly two years so it must be getting ready for a trip out for real.we have no roe or muntties up here.hpoe you all have a cracking 2007!!!


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Hi Im John 37yrs old, Ive shot since I was 14, but Ive had a few years out of the sport. I have just returned and I am now looking for my own patch to stalk on. Im from central scotland and although I have worked as a head chef I am now tearing to the roads up as a white van man mon - fri. I am also sitting my level 1 this sunday.



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I may be the token American on the site, I'm not sure about that.

I'm Director of Marketing for a US based hunting products company. I'm in the process of learning to shoot and will probably take up hunting after I've learned to shoot well enough. Mostly right now I'm just asking questions and learning. So far it has been a lot of fun.



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Hi i'm Chris 38 yrs old, have been shooting for 30 yrs, (lucky enough to have shot all sorts of rifles) been passionate about Deer for over twenty yrs, originally from South wales, and now living in Scotland.
Have a .270 and .222, :lol:
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