A few more pics


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I'm bored shedless, so here's a few more pics for you!

View from one of the camps - Selous Reserve, Tanzania

Dining area in one of the camps


Sunset from another camp

East African Eland - would be #4 in the book if entered

Luckiest shot I've seen in a looong while. He missed the Buff he was shooting at and shot another in the ear!

This bugger ws so heavy my knees were way and yes, my bloody fly IS open! :(

Grant's gazelle Masailand Tanzania

South Africa

Back to Tanzania

Same one showing off

That's it for now.


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Stunning mate, loved the scenery - great photography as well as a damned good leopard - nice, very very nice!

I'm just booking for a trip over myself - Kwazulu Natal and up in the Magliesberg Mountains too - both new outfitters for me and I just can't wait! One has all of the Big Five available, never really seen that all in one place before and they only opened it for hunting 18 months or so ago, so it's hardly been touched!

Thanks for sharing these.



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I think it's the secnd largest I've ever taken, but that area is full but full of similar sized Leopards and I'm hunting an area next year in Tanzania that has Leopards that make that one look small............ :D

What are you hunting in KZN? - If you're going to the mountains in winter, you had better take a jumper and wooly hat........... it can get fu***ng cold.


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Heeeyyyyyy!!! :D

Gotta avoid those scratchy claws etc huh! - I know I'm fugly already, but I don't want to get any fuglier!

Here's one from Tanzania where it was bloody hot but as you can see from the sweat on my shirt, I still wore the bike jacket during the follow up for insurance. :)