A few more snaps of the SD week 2010


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Here are a few more snaps from the SD week. I feel though that I should mention a thing about Robin at this stage, just to make things clearer as we go on. He had taken to wandering about in various stages of undress, why we do not know and it is probably best not to speculate. However he did it and it was not unusual to see Robin strolling around the place in his drawers and socks, unpleasant but not unusual. Luckily the American guests of the first week did not catch sight of this, so an international incident was avoided. I do have a theory that it was all down to excitement, you see he was being treated as an equal which is a big thing for a butler. Here for instance he is taking his meal with everyone else.

As you can see he is even present when cinnamon buns were being consumed, a great honour. Anyway I think he found it all quite tiring really and it was starting to show

however it must be said at no time did his spirits flag, and he remained upbeat at all times

In the end it all got too much for Malcolm

so we decided to concentrate on the rest of the week. So here is some of the stalkers with some of their trophies

Here is one of Selena, being unable to go pony trekking she thought she would have a ago on a deer

This is Selena and Simon with their two good Sika together with their magnificent guide Wadas AKA "Brock"

The slightly less glamorous side of being a senior guide, preparing heads for the client.

must not forget that Malcolm asked me to get in a taxidermy plug for him

and finally for those of you that were concerned over Robin's odd behaviour we found out the cause in the end. It was hormones, so in order to help him overcome the difficulty Sheila, my dear wife, made him a cake to help take his mind off of his problem



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I dont know what is worse, the Roe head (NOT MY WORK) or the cake !!!

I have to say John you are far more dangerous with a camera than you are with a rifle :rolleyes:

The staff are wondering why I am laughing so much in my office at present :lol::lol::lol: Bloody brilliant!!

I wonder what Wadlington the other butler to Andy will think of all this :D


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I wonder what Wadlington the other butler to Andy will think of all this :D
Not a lot at the moment Malcolm mate, this bloody works computer won`t show me the pics,
(Alex, your needed) so i will have to reserve judgement till later. No doubt it will be a classic write up again.:D



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That`s better, and pure class as suspected John. :D

The eagle eyed of you will have noticed the boob reduction that they gave Robin on the cake.:lol:

I remember Jayb asking Malcolm to breathe in as he was creating a shadow in the line up photo, but as you can see he didn`t do as he was asked.:lol:

Mind you, you`ve caught me at a bad angle there John, it looks like i`m going a bit thin on top, it`s just the bad light though.:doh::rolleyes:



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John, oh John, oh John what can I say, you have found out my little secrets:oops:
Bye the look of the photo Malc is going to have to invest in a bigger bra:D
and Wadas appears to only have one large one, supported by his faithful truss:D
Andy of course has lost his and is still trying to find them, you can never get a good guide when you need one:rolleyes:
The only normal one among us appears to be Alex, I'm sure that cant be right , we will have to wait and see what develops
Anyway John thanks for the photos I think I'm grateful
hopefully I can return the compliment soon:evil:


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Grate photos JAYB, keep them coming.:lol:
Hi Dave,

Hope you are keeping well? I must say mate you were an inspiration to all of us. So glad you took away a nice Sika Stag. Let me know if you want to come down to the South for a go on the Fallow. Take care and if you want to have a go for a Red on the hill next year let me know and we can make a plan for you.




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Hi Malc
Thanks for the kind comments regarding the weeks trip to Scotland it was grate and a joy to be with you all.
I would like to take you up on the Red Stag next year if I as fit as Iwas this year, Thanks again
all the best


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Shouldnt be a problem Dave. Will stay in contact and I can arrange for a local estate with an Argocat as well to get the bugger back when it is on the floor. Its a bit safer than a quad.

Best wishes



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This is getting more like Jim'll fix it.

Malc you certainly do your very best to make wishes come true, and I am sure that David will connect with the red stag that he so longs for. Just a pity that it didn't come off during the SD week as David just about wore every one of the guides out trying.