A few trail cam pics

The beast in pic 47 is bugging me. Any ideas what it is?


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Thought that too but much too big. I have another pic of me walking in the same spot which gives perspective. It must be a deer but pic has the illusion of an animal with a short neck. It also looks very stocky for a deer.

No 43 is a badger.


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it may help if you re adjust your camera position rather than 90 degrees to your path try a more obtuse angle as the animals could be out of shot by the time they trigger the camera , it may be worth a try , atb arron.
In order of appearance;
??????? x 2 (note rump of second animal below front shoulder)
Sika hind
Fallow doe
Sika stag (8 pointer)

The mystery pic is definitely not badgers, way too big. There were some tame boar removed from the area a few years ago so I live in hope. Most likely deer though, you can make what you want out of a grainy picture.

Unfortunately, I'm quite limited with vegetation where I can angle/place the camera on that path, it has quite a bit of traffic anyway as you can see.