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Hi all.

Bit of a book review, article write up but thought we had to share, as its such a great addition to any hunters knowledge base, and makes brilliant reading.

I am lucky to know Mike as a friend and colleague, and have reaped a wealth of knowledge from him over the years, and I often say to him that he should write a book about his life. Well he has put down his life in words in his new book "A Foxing Life", I am only half way through but already feel it is "the bible to Foxing"

Mike once told me he started off in the world of night vision as a lad using a toilet roll tube, some batteries and a bike light to shoot rabbits at night, and cant believe that in his life time how things have moved on and he is now using thermal imagers and the like.

Sometimes we need reminding how it can be all stripped back to basics to learn the essentials., and some of his wit packed experiences had to be shared.

If you have met Mike, you will know that he is a wealth of knowledge with a professional attitude backed with wit, and comedy that he is en-thrilling to listen to. We had Mike as a guest speaker at our Night Vision Demo weekend in Carlisle earlier this year and his talks were packed out and actually overran by 30min each time!

He has now written a book about his life, and its not often i personally cant put a book down, but learning from someone who has started hunting with a home made torch, to using the latest start of the art image intensifiers, with everything in between is very rare and precious knowledge.

We were very lucky to receive a signed copy of a new book titled "A Foxing Life - with gun and rifle" by Mike Powell before launch, but it is now in shops for sale.



Mike Powell as many of you know is a well respected and recognized expert in the field of hunting with a rifle, and is a regular contributor to media such as tv, and magazine.

He has now written his first ever book, sharing his extensive knowledge on all aspects of foxing as well as general rifle hunting.

The official blurb is as follows, however we personally think it is a must read and the ideal Xmas stocking filler for this year.

Find our more about A Foxing Life by Mike Powell here.

"Mike Powell is at the heart of our industry and there is not much that he doesn't know about all aspects of the countryside, let alone fox control, and we have always found him to be a fountain of knowledge and find ourselves blessed that he is indeed a close friend and colleague, and this book will be a very welcome hunting gift to anyone remotely interested in the life of the fox and foxing. Mike shares his vast product knowledge, using many of the products we have supplied him over the years, and readers of this book will be more informed and brimming with knowledge after reading.

Mike Powell’s life has, in one way or another, run parallel to that of the fox. From running a fox control business and keepering, to making a living from selling their skins, the fox has always been present.
Today, Mike is passing on his knowledge of the fox and detailing his dealings with Charlie over the course of his life in the new book: A Foxing Life with Gun and Rifle.
The book traces Mike’s early years in foxing, before delving into the various methods open to fox controllers, revealing his own hints and tips and discussing how these have evolved over his time hunting this wily predator.
It’s a must have resource for those who, like Mike, tangle with foxes on a regular basis, but more than a mere hunting manual, it’s the story of one man’s lifelong adventures with his quarry and testament to the skill required to achieve the level of hunting success Mike has in his lifetime.
Our personalised signed copy is one of the most prized desk possessions in the Scott Country office as a reference guide which is forever useful.


Find our more about A Foxing Life by Mike Powell here.
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