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For Sale: A Francotte 375 H&H

norfolk shooter

Well-Known Member
Gentleman I have the above mentioned rifle for sale with Westley Richards at the moment. They have not been a great deal of help in finding a new home for her so I have decided to put her on offer to you fine folk.
Thin is a link to the rifle A. Francotte .375 HH Magnum Bolt Action Rifle | WR Used Guns

For forum members interested I'm willing to offer this work of art for £2500ovno with 100 cases, loading dies, 100 SGK 250grn bullets and 50 235grn speer hotcores. Selling as I now have a 416 Rigby double rifle and don't see the need for 2 dangerous game calibres. Might be interested in a swap depending on whats on offer.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

anybody wanting more information just drop me a pm

IMG_20190213_202627577.jpg 121912 121914 121915


Well-Known Member
I can see why it hasn’t shifted in-store tbh - however, it’s not priced badly for a 375 and has a mint barrel:D

you may fare better at auction

best of luck with sale
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norfolk shooter

Well-Known Member
Chaps Safari season has started. This is the perfect rifle for both plains game and dangerous game. Like I say make an offer the worst that can happen is I laugh


Well-Known Member
You need to find a US buyer for this. They pay silly money for guns like this where us Europeans will question things like the holes in the receiver, double set triggers for plains and DG, etc etc...

The other good news is it can be legally shipped to the US as it has a solid left receiver wall, ie. no thumb cutout.
I assume as it’s a std length early FN commercial receiver

Gunbroker will be a place to start, or guns international. And then hook up with an Rfd who ships intenatually like WR...in fact, did they advertise in their NY dept whilst in their hands..they should have.

Set the price a bit higher too for the US market