A good idea?

BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope


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Well today I picked up my Sauer 202 clasic XT in .308.
Mounted a zeiss 3-12x50 scope on it in leupold QD's. This rifle replaced a Heym which I liked but didn't want to bash up and did handle differently to my other Sauer 6.5x55. So the idea of the back up rifle was to have it the same as the 6.5 (my main rifle) in all but the scope on top. Which is also a zeiss 2-8x42, same reticule, mounted in same mounts so could be swapped between guns.
I'm off tomorrow to zero them in and see if they hold zero if swapped between rifles out to say 200 yds.
I hope these are the only 2 rifles I'll need/want for a considerable time. I love the 6.5 so couldn't think of a better spare rifle as one the same. Of course I have the chance to mess with different rounds if I want but on the whole I hope they shoot very similar.
Do you guys think this was a good idea?
Too late now as I've spent the money but wondered if anyone else out there had 2 rifles same as each other?


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In our house ( my father and I) there is 5 tikka t3s all with very simalir optics all with the same trigger pull. it just make life simple. no messing about lift any rifle and is nearly the same as the rest.



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Yep, now running two Steyr Scouts. One .243 and one .308.
Easy enough to tell them apart however ;)


And my third rifle is another Steyr with the same safety and trigger- helps to let muscle memory take over in the heat of the moment :)


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I only have one rifle currently but will be adding another within the next year. I will look no further than the same make, and model as my current one.

The familiarity of how it feels and the working parts is my main priority.


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sounds like a good plan, if i rifle works for you, why not buy the same again.
it could be more costly buying something you dont like.
good luck


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If you're going to swap the scopes between rifles, chances are you need to re-zero them. Also chances are, that you will lose track on the zero(s) if you keep swapping them on regular basis.

At least you need to zero them properly (try whether they hold zero between a few range trips) and develop a good routine for keeping track of clicks when you swap the scopes back and forth.


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Hi jthyttin. I'm not expecting to swap the scopes on a regular basis. Really I just wanted the option and excepted that I would check zero each time. I have the 2-8x42 on my 6.5 which I use most and in woodland stalking. The .308 I hope still to use in woodland but also on longer range stuff. eg Foxes. However should I ever get the money together I may have a bash at some boar so would put the lower mag scope on it. I'll know tomorrow if zero holds anywhere near.

norma 308

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Yes mate I have two pro hunters and as you 6.5 and 308 would have loved that heym though :rolleyes:
good shooting


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Went out today and put the 308 through it's paces. It shot well and after a few rounds and a clean it shot sub 1" no problem, using the ammo made up for the Heym (they had been FL sized). Only had 10 rounds made up though so didn't get to swap scopes over and re-check as I wanted 1 rifle spot on in case I get out this week. Doug I wish you had snapped the Heym up as I PX'd it for the Sauer for £50 more than I had it up for on here. Would have been nice to know someone was enjoying it,
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