a good night

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Went out Stalking wed evening with the OH started off with glassing the area for signs of the rut came across 3 red hinds with 1 calf munching away in the corn field then spotted a roe doe laying down in the same field as some of the fields were in process of being harvested we were limited to where to go so we drove up the side of the wood to a spot and then went on foot we walked up about 50 yards when I spotted a cracking buck laying just on the outskirts of the wood I took the 308 laid down and waited for him to rise he got up and I took the shot to my amazement I had missed him completely he then walked off into the wood so me and oh walked into the wood and after about 10 mins a young roe buck walked up to 30 yards away from us so I told my oh to take it as he was in a better position it went down . we then decided to try another area to see if I could get a buck we were driving down a track where my oh says to me look at that red stag I glassed the area and was looking at 2 roe bucks I said to him that’s 2 roe bucks not a stag is your eyesight getting bad or what , what had happened is that he was looking at this red that was further up the field and I had glassed these 2roe that was about 100 yards away so I got out of the motor and crept round the back to get the rifle out walked to the front of the motor and took the shot off the bonnet the deer ran towards the wood we then found it only just in the wood heart shot a nice 7 pointer I stayed to grallock it and the oh went off to see if he could spot any more about he saw a buck chasing a doe but the soon disappeared back into the wood not a bad evening .


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Well done LadyStalker, always nice to see.

Hopefully I will get out once more before I move next week, Hopefully the height of action and the fields will have been cut.



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Well done that lady ,
A worthy Buck indeed,great feeling innit!!!Now the work begins , steaks sausages, roasts, jerky !!!!
Regards Trapper


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A 'Good Night' indeed 'LS' you obviously have a lot of deer round your way,whereabouts in the country are you?(N/S/W/E).................Martin


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well done LS
another good buck , you certainly are having some fun, now i hav to ask this don't i
who dragged it :evil:
sorry monynut, i think i know the answer to this :lol:
you drove up to it, didn't you :lol:
once again LS , wot a cracking evening you and mony had
keep it up and keep us posted
best wishes


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i live in the East Anglia area and yes plenty of deer the other day i was out stalking and up in a high seat when i glassed 3 fallow the opposite end of the field then they dissapeared after a hour or so i herd rustling in the wood beside me and the same 3 fallow prickets came out and was no further than 30 yards away the darn thing knew they was not in season yet but what a tease as i have not shot a fallow yet .But sure enough when they are in season they will not be seen :rolleyes: .

As usual mony was the gent he always is ;) after shooting the buck he said 'right i'll leave you to grallock the deer i'm off to see what else is about '. and off he went the best bit was he forgot the roe carrier with the gloves and wipes in it and no water so driving home was a bit sticky :lol:
we both was covered in blood good job we didnt stop at the gas station as we usually do on the way home they would have reported us for a murder :eek:
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