A great couple of days out with SikaMalc


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Just got back from 2 days with Malc.

What a nice chap.....

2 days of giggles and stories combined with some great stalking on a lovely estate.

When I got out of the car on the first morning and we bumped into a couple of Fallow after 10 minutes, one of which we shot, I thought I was in for some serious action for 2 days and started to wonder if I had bought enough ammunition with me. We saw another 5 Fallow and 6 Roe that day, none of which we were able to get into unfortunately. Just all in the wrong place/feeding the wrong way/bumped. Today unfortunately it ****ed with rain all morning and all the deer were very sensibly in hiding. This evening a perfectly good stalk got blown by a couple of dog walkers. So only two rounds fired, one for the unlucky Fallow in the first 10 minutes, and the second for a fox who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Fallow we shot showed no reaction to the shot and ran with the first off to the left. It was still very dark and we couldn't find any evidence of a strike at first look. Malcs dog had other thoughts. The non swimming BMH jumped into the flooded area/river off to the right and was very interested in something the other side. Confused us as we both saw the deer go left. Not being able to find the deer ourselves we went back to the point of the theoretical strike and this time in better light found pins and blood. Definitely time to put a bit of trust in the dog and walk around the other side of the river. And there it was, washed 100 yards down stream, caught up on some branches. Had not seen a proper dog in action before, just my own. Stunning. Now there is a standard to aim for.

I know many of you have enjoyed Malcs hospitality before, but if you haven't I can thoroughly recommend him. Great fun and very professional.

Thank you Malc.



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Great too meet you Nigel. And thank you for your kind words. Todd never ceases to amaze me, even though he will be 9 years old in 2 months he still has bags of life in him.
Look forward to seeing you again and hopefully sign off another one for you.

That retrieve and find will be another one for my book when i decide to write it. Lol.