A great weekend in West Sussex

This weekend i have been down in Horsham in West Sussex attempting to pick up my first fallow buck. Drove down early Saturday afternoon with my shooting buddy Chris and made our way over to meet Malcolm and a couple of other stalking directory lads Ricky and Les. After a few cups of tea and a bit of a chat we decided it was time to head out and get up in some trees.

After dropping off Chris and getting back in the truck Malcolm took me over to a large clearing on the other side surrounded by pine forest with a dirt track running up the side and around in front of me. Amazing place to sit and take in the scenery for a while. After about an hour of sitting quietly i noticed a nice dog fox in the grass verge to my left coming out of the bushes. Normally i dont bother to shoot foxes when im in a high seat in case it scares of the nearby deer but this fox was asking for it and it was early enough that i could shoot him and still let things calm down again before the dark started to set in for fallow prime time. So i took aim, the fox stopped and look straight up at me. BOOM ! 308. 165 grain Federal soft point to the neck dropped him dead on the spot.

As the night started to draw in the mist came and gradually gave way to an amazing misty dusk. Got some photos from the high seat but they really dont do it justice. I hadnt seen any movement for a while now, not even a squirrel but something was telling me that the conditions were right for a deer to wander out of the mist before the night was done.

As it got darker the mist got thicker and i was struggling to see further than 30 yards in front of me. Luckily the main spot Malcolm had pointed out for being good was still visible. It was then i heard crunching on the gravel pathway to my left but hidden from my view by the trees. I knew it was a deer, the steps came slowly, pausing often as the deer made its way up the path still hidden from view - this deer was in no hurry ! i was getting worried as the last light was fading fast now and i was crossing my fingers the deer would make it up to me in time before it was too dark to see. Then i saw the white of the legs and belly coming out on my left and walking over to the grassy verge. I could not make out its dark top half but new it was a fallow. It jumped up onto the verge and as it did i used that as the time to try and get the rifle pointed at it. The deer stopped and looked right towards me sensing some movement. Luckily i was already looking through the scope and could see the deer more clearly through the swarovski glass. The deer was perfectly still and broadside and trying to through the dark and the fog, I put my cross hairs over its heart and pulled the trigger ! BOOM. The deer leaped forwards but crashed to the ground and rolled onto its back kicking it legs for a few seconds before finally moving its last swish of the tail.

I waited in the high seat and tried send Chris a text to signal "DEER DOWN !" a task which was nearly impossible with all the adrenaline now surging through my veins. After a few more minutes and the deer not moving i decided it was safe to get down and approach the deer. Upon inspection it was a good size pricket but with only tiny button antlers on him, the shot had entered perfectly through behind the shoulder and exited through the other shoulder breaking it.

So anyway just wanted to say a big thanks to Malc for taking us out for the weekend, always a pleasure! great stalking, great host and great fried breakfasts hahaha. Looking forwards to seeing you again in the new year... bring on Scotland trip! ;)


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top job and Nice read, i was in that seat a few days ago time fly's this time of the year but worth it in the end well done.
Thanks Tim, great to see both yourself and Chris again. Don't forget to email me both your details for the Scotland trip. Let me know if you want a crack at the Roe Bucks later in the new year.

Best wishes

Nice write up, got my adrenaline going too, normally, you see a fox, hold fire,don't see a deer, and wish you'd shot the fox! Worked out well for you. Well done
well done m8,im hoping for the same on saturday morning .malcs a great bloke to go out with and you see some amazing wildlife down there
I recognise this spot! When I stalked with Malcolm earlier in the year we dropped a gun off at the next highseat along, he got a cracking sorrel.
Thanks Everyone, glad u all enjoyed reading it. Defo a great little spot for stalking, thats my last weekend for this year as the deer budgets blown ...but next year Malcs ill defo be along for a crack at a bigger fallow buck and then again in april to restart the challenge for my first Roe Buck

Atb lads