a little bloated


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me and the O/H noticed that my eldest springer(stone) looked slightly bloated , so as we examined him, we noticed the bloat was more fluidy than solid, also with the slightly faster breathing pattern he was displaying , we decided a pnonecall to my vet was in order
they instantly said bring him straight in,
so following an overnight and loads of tests, some we are still waiting on he has be diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) and now has a course of tablets to take till his next trip to the vets , about a fortnights time for a reassement
the reason i hav posted this was maybe to let others know that a little bloat can often turn out to be more serious than first thought especialy if you know your dog has not eaten anything all day


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yes it was a sad day, yesterday
i was told to think on this as his last summer,
he,s had a good life upto now
so only time will tell


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I am sincerely sorry to hear this news. You seem to me to be a very practical minded man, as you said ''he has had a good life''. Without question the rest of his life will be as good in your hands.

I wish you, your O/H and your eldest, Stone the very best of luck mate for the rest of his days.

Kind Regards


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following on from all the tablets
his condition has only worsened
leading to a decision of PTS
followed by a good drink, whilst saying good bye to a dearly missed friend, and long lost shooting companion


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hi Stone ,
sorry to hear about your springer, he had a good life and enjoyed every day I'm sure.
However many times you go through it, it doesn't get any easier, does it.
I'm sure you have lots of good memories and photo's to look back on.



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That`s such a sad loss Stone. My sympathies to you both.
You know when you have made the right decision as hard as it is to accept.
Mrs basil has a love of Yorkshire Terriers and two years ago she rescued a two year old bitch.
I came home from work one day and Candy had not long arrived at our home, i went towards her and she went daft, snapping and snarling at me. (Candy never had any male contact) Over the next few months i couldn`t go anywhere without Candy shadowing me, out to the ferrets, up to the bog, Candy was there.
A few months ago we had to have Candy pts after a short illness. Never did i think i`d miss a dog so much, it hurt then and it still does now.