A little snow - Have a good day!


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Well we've had it snowing (Fairly lightly) through the night but it's started getting heavier and the weatherman said to expext 10 - 15cm. At the moment it's about 3 inches deep but by the looks of the sky there's a lot more up there where this lot came from.
Not to worry, up here in "our neck of the woods" we just get on with it and (As you will hear towards the end of this short video) we just tell everyone to "Have a good day"!
How is everyone else faring with the snow that was forecast?


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During our last fall a few days ago a friend had 10 Carrion crows in his large cage trap one morning.
He also found an old, deceased , emaciated dog-fox .



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You wanna get out after mr charlie, I find its the best time to get them when it snow!
I'll leave that up to you for now mate. I have to agree that the best time (In my opinion) is when there's a covering of fresh snow on the ground but there are limits to my stupidity - We've had another 2 inches fall in the last hour and it's still coming cown thick and fast and I don't want to end up like a lost Yettie!
Maybe hibernation might be a better idea!:lol:


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...I'll tell you what, the East Lancs accent isn't what I expected!! :D

Not a speck of snow over here....wife and kids will be gutted if I show them your vid!:confused:

Hornet 6

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Yesterday we had about 42 flakes fall in an hour, today twice that amount in 3 hours.
But don't worry I'm not going to let it worry me, I'm still going to pop round the corner to get some milk.

Neil. :)


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I know it's Scotland but I've just crunched my way round one of our bits of ground this morning. Plenty of tracks but only a glimpse of a deer's bum, unsurprisingly with the noise. Sat for an hour at one bit but nothing showed. Probably would have been better being out in the sunshine in the middle of the day. Nice day here in Perth now. What am I doing? On the bloody computer!!!


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Just to help to put things in perspective it is still snowing, all be it quite lightly now but I have just neasured the depth of virgin snow on a bench outside our flats where there has not been any wind to cause drifting. The depth of snow is 8 inches.
Here's the photo with a 12 inch ruler stuck straight into it and a photo of the ornamental cherry tree which is only just managing to support the weight of the snow.

Edit:If by any chance anyone who has not got any snow would like some please feel free to send me an S.A.E. and I will happily post some to you 'cos we've got more than enough for now thanks.
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Hi Frenchie.
Just a covering at lower levels around Halifax and Brighouse. I work in Brighouse and it has Snowed all Day but has not 'stuck'.

As a lad I lived on the Moors above Mytholmroyd. Proper Winters back then.



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I am well used to serious amounts of snow having spent a large part of my working life in the hills

However today was different shooting woodcock over pointers and setters on an island off the west coast where while they get snow it usually just melts as soon as it hits the ground , big fall last night 5 inches in some parts and even on the beaches snow right down to the waters edge, frost at daylight and though we had brilliant sunshine and a bright blue sky, the temperature never got above freezing all day, which is also unusual in that they seldom get frost, a glorious day everything clean and white brilliant sunshine, temperature just right for some vigorous walking, good scent for the dogs a great day for watching them work, all in all a great day to be alive.


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Jealous, jealous, jealous bogtrotter. Your description helps me imagine the scene perfectly. My father was in a syndicate on an island for many years and we enjoyed some great woodcock shooting when there was hard weather elsewhere. Never got my right and left despite that!!!!