A nice brace

After a couple of blanks on the last two outings, this morning proved to be more fruitful.
Arrived at the chosen seat for 05.30hrs
This seat overlooks a ride running horizontally, offering a possible shot left and right. And also a ride going away from the seat directly in front of it.
The woodland is fairly dense at the moment so you need to keep your eyes peeled.
I hadn't been there long when a glanced left showed a Munty Buck about 60yrds away on the ride heading my way...just as I readied the rifle he veered off into the wood and I lost him. I kept the rifle ready just in case and sure enough he re-emerged onto the ride at maybe 50yrds. Down he went



I headed back to the truck to get my gear and when I got to the end of the ride I spotted two Fallow Bucks on the edge of the wood/wheat field. I dropped one, shooting from the sticks with a shot to the engine room. After a short dash od 15-20 yrds he went down.

After only getting the rifle this week, and taking my first Roe Buck, I have now added my first Fallow Buck and Muntjac Buck

Fursty Ferret

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Ok...thats spooky....the knife thing you picked up from another post....but consuming the liver....you been spying on me? lol