A nice weekend

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I went up to a friends ground in the Borders this weekend to do a spot of stalking :eek:

I arrived up to my pals house on Friday afternoon and after a bit of a blether we set off to find a Buck.
The ground that my friend has got is only about 150 acres but does hold a good number of deer.

We set off up through the gate into the Gean field, :rolleyes: yes i wondered at first too, but apparently it`s another word for cherry trees. :eek:
This field as you would expect at this time of year is up to your knees, but never the less we stalked nice and steady up through the middle keeping a watchful eye out.
We got to about a third of the way when to the right and in front we bumped a doe, not to worry, just be a little more watchful and careful in future. Another 20 yards walk and all of a sudden, "sssshhh", i said, with my hand splade out and behind my back stopping my friend from moving any more, "there" is said, in a whisper, "a doe". About 15 yards at the side but just ahead she was just browsing on flowers and leaves, and old one she was, about 7 years at a guess. "Lets just stand here for a while" i said, "she might have a buck nearby". We watched her feeding away totally oblivious to us and it was a pleasure to observe her through the bins. My mate then said "there, the buck is coming up behing her", sure enough, there he was, keeping his lady nice and close by. Whatever she did, he did, which unfortunately for him, she was coming even closer to us :eek: . I got myself in position by leaning onto a tree, it was now just a case of waiting while he raised his head high enough to be seen in the tall grass. As he was so close i decided to neck shoot him to save on the meat damage, well, the 130 grain .270 hit home and as expected he fell to the shot with a nice clean bullet hole in the neck, with his lady friend not hanging about to see what all the commotion was all about.
I approached him and inspected him and straight away noticing he was under weight. He was very boney, even taking into consideration the body weight he will have lost due to the rut. I inspected the glands and pluck but was happy that he was not deseased. After careful thought we decided that he was a forestry buck that had came in or had been brought in, as the bucks that usually frequent the area are close to being trophy animals with good feeding a body weight.
Here are a couple of photos



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Well done Ian, I was wondering where you were. Nice story with a happy ending, unless you were a certain buck. Were there any midges in your Gean field?



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The midges weren`t too bad there John, but i went over to snowstorms place, he had asked me to pop round to see if i couldn`t give him a few pointers, nice little area too, and the bloody midges were eating us alive when we were waiting for a buck :evil: . I will let him tell the story about a buck we found and was close to getting a shot at, but i think he was amazed to see a buck chasing a doe around for about 10 mins.



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I saw the head - beautifully symmetrical antlers. Very nice indeed.

Did you get any others when you went back Wadas?


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snowstorm said:
Did you get any others when you went back Wadas?

No, i didn`t get owt else Liam mate. We didn`t get out till about 9am on the Monday morning but i stalked up the same Gean field and saw a doe which just walked off into the gorse edge.

After this we went to give a keeper a hand repairing a pheasant pen and had the regulation cup of tea, well, it goes with the job :lol: and then i set off home. Great weekend, great people and a deer too, what more could one ask ;).
By the way, your target shooting was spot on. There`s nowt wrong with that gun and your reloading. That caravan is brilliant too. you really have got yourself a nice relaxing little place there mate. ;)