A Night off the Birds….


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Checking the stragglers are in of an evening leaves deer time lacking, Jack was around to day as he was off his Chiefs course today so was quite happy to do the evening shift.

Any chance to help out is a welcomed; a few birds skip around one pop hole wing so we added a bit extra from a discarded road sign I picked up, also tightened up the fox wires as the dry ground has not helped, of course it had to go that way up….


Dark clouds we forming on the way to the ground but I was going to give it a go, this years scrub has not been topped along the woods so the just appear from any angle.

The little breeze there was came from my right so this buck who has stood behind me on a number of times barking his head off was wrong footed.

His light summer coat caught my eye as he walked into the breeze sealing his fate for a neck shot as I called him to a stop…


Chip has heart for his breakfast!