A painfull lesson.


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You know how you are always told to cut away from yourself when using a knife to butcher a deer?

Well its damn good advice, otherwise you may well run the risk of plunging a boning knife into your thigh with a fair degree of force, swearing a great deal, hopping around with your trousers around your ankles for a couple of minutes while you find some form of dressing to stem the quite copious flow of blood. Then driving to the local A&E department, still with trousers around ankles, whilst putting pressure on the wound with the aforementioned dressing. Then having the pleasure of half a dozen stitches to the quite neat cut to the front of your leg. All patched up now but a rather painfull lesson learnt.

Pete E

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There is a majory artery in the thigh, and people who've had similar accidents to you, but severed that, have literally bled to death before they could stop the blood flow..

So you were actually lucky it was not worse!




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Lessons learned

That sounds painful!

My worst was when fitting some skirting, tidying an end with a chisel that slipped off and went straight into the base of my left thumb.

Thank goodness i'd just cleaned and sharpened the chisel so it was a neat one inch wide hole and easy to stitch at the local A&E.

Even as I did it, I knew it was likely to end in pain - and like an idiot carried on.


However - I won't do it again!




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Having stabbed myself in every part of the body in slaughter houses and boning halls working piece work i know exactly how you feel . You were lucky they let you out when i did it they kept me in for hours after stitching it to measure it to see if there was any internal bleeding before letting me home .


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If, God forbid, you ever do do similar. Or get stabbed deep. One piece of advice. Never, never ever pull the knife out. Leave it in. Why? Because if it has cut a vein and you pull it out then your blood loss will be that much greater.

Second. Use a tourniquet between the knife and the body.