A personal thank you!

New Avon Arms


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Hello All,
Over the last ten months or so, I have been inundated with offers of help from fellow site members. Everything from stalking opportunities, reloading tuition, stalking kit, professional advice and moral support. I have yet to reply to quite a number of people to thank them personally for their kind deeds and thoughts. So can I just thank you all for all your help and ask you to be patient with me as I am a very disorganised and rather over worked chap!
I never realised that there was so many knowledgable and generous people out there.
I hope to see you all in the New Year and share some goods times.
Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you all.

Kindest regards Beowulf - Steve.F


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hiya mate,
you have been a data bank to a lot of us so also your wisdom has also been a help to a lot of us!!!!
take care b and happy new year!!


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:oops: Duggars have you been drinking?
Thanks mate, I'm a novice just like many others on this site, I'm no expert at anything. What I have is a passion for deer and stalking. I read everything there is on deer and then some! That's why I like this site, I'm amongst people for whom deer are just about everything!

I also enjoy having a laugh and some of the antics on here have me in stitches! Hopefully if the reloading day Rob is organising goes to plan I will get the privilage of meeting you and many of the other 'peeps' that I have come to look on as friends. :D
Happy New Year Duggars! :p


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thankyou b,
these have been tyepe on very drunk hands....happy new year to you, i hope we can meet up in 2008.


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i know i have only joined in october but but hav been looking at this site for many months previuos it was only through reading yours and many other interesting threads from lot of interesting and knowledgable site members is why i took the plunge so happy new year to you mr B (and mrs B) hope we manage to get out soon can't wait
HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one else


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Steady Mr B, steady,

you would not get the time were you not worth the investment.

Sheila nearly ran your stag over the other night, then what would we have done? I'm not sure that I could find another one :lol:



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Hi John,
I suppose that if Sheila had of run that stag over, you could of put it in the freezer and thawed it out for me when I came up north. That way we could prop it up, I'd shoot it and get the photos! Job done! No one would be any the wiser ;) It could be our little secret! :lol:
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