A Question for the modertors


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Sam said:
why is it that 300wsm's post are not viewable for me, its it my end or yours?? thanks

which posts are they?
what is the actual problem and what do the posts say if they say anthing at all ?
as these may help admin sort out the problem
have you tried pm'ing them ?
as 300wsm just lately has edited alot of his post's as they were not relevent to the thread they were related to
plus sam you are only a minor so may be there been a watershed put on you :lol: :lol: :lol:
sorry sam could not resist


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As stone has pointed out 300wsm edited a lot of his own posts as he did not believe they served any useful purpose. You will see that the posts in question all carry the message that they were edited by 300wsm himself. There is no dark or sinister moves afoot here by admin, sorry :D , just a decision come to by 300wsm regarding the relevance of certain posts. As you can see he is a very active member and a moderator.

John, wearing my admin hat :eek: