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I have watched this series "Kill It, Cook It, Eat It" before. They have covered pigs, lamb and poultry previously. I thought that they gave a very fair representation of this issues and processes involved, slaughtering animals in a factory is not a pretty process. They do tend to give the veggie types more air time than is warranted in my view.

I would be hopeful we would get a fair crack of the whip with this one.


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I aint got BBC3 would one of you fine chaps record it for me? I'm happy to cover your costs etc?

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease ;)


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I am recording it. What format do you need? Also I would think it will be available as a web/pod cast thingummy wotsit. These things often are.



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BBC I Player

You will probably be able to watch it on BBC I Player.

All BBC programs to my knowledge are availabe to watch for up to 7 days after it has been on TV. You will need to have broadband to be able to watch it. You don't need to download anything you "live stream" it.


Definitely worth recording just in case I am wrong!!
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