A real mess

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Rob Mac

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I saw this clip recently on the web.

It's a classic reminder of why it pays to put lead down the range before pointing your rifle to a living animal. You owe it to the animal (and yourself if you're going to put yourself into this scenario), although I've never shot a lion and 'buck fever' must have played its part. Thank goodness the PH can shoot straight!

Andrew S

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There seem to be a lot of fencing poles in back ground in the video clip. Is this one of those 'hunts' where a capitive lion is released so that a brave hunter can bag his lion?

Judging from the number of people who appear in the video, I can't believe that they all manage to stalk up to a wild lion in open ground. It's a shame that the lion didn't manage to get a little more of the client as he charged through. It's not sport, so let's not confuse it with the real thing.


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I completely agree with what's been posted before about this video clip. I don't understand what drives a person to spend so much money to shoot (is this case, badly) such a wonderful animal in such circumstances.

I support ethical game hunting - this is no advert for the sport.



These guys aren't hunters. If I were moderatoring this site, I'd remove this clip as I wouldn't want to be in any way associated with this poor excuse for sport.


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This video clip a great reminder of the ethical gulf that exists in hunting. Unfortunatley, it's this sort of clip that gets posted on YouTube etc and we need to be aware that non-stalkers/hunters see this and think it's how we all conduct our sport.
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