A sad day that every countryman will have had or will have to face one day.


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Hi EMcC,

I think Pepe was around longer than I have known you! I'm sorry to hear about his loss, really I am. 😞


Heym SR20

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Sorry for the loss. Feel the pain - my folks lost their old lab last week. We had given Lara to them as puppy 13 1/2 years ago as 40 wedding anniversary present and she has been great dog for all the family - not a working dog, just very good company.


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My condolences, it's painful. My first lab, Holly was gift from a Gamekeeper friend, we had her 15yrs, she me and few others how to stalk.


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Only just noticed this EMcC. Sad times indeed ! Know how you feel !
Just addressing your concerns regarding a pup, and it possibly out-living you. Although not at this juncture ourselves, we have made provision in our wills that if ever something was to happen to the both of us, then our dogs/horses shall be well cared for for the remainder of their lives. Just a thought.
All the best going forward.
Kind Regards,


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Very sorry for your loss. This is one of the reasons that I think i will never own a dog.. It must be hard to bare. I have an African grey parrot, they can live to around 80, if looked after well. Mine is currently 20, so my fear if anything is that she will out-live me and then have to live without me and be with people she doesn't know and whom may not look after her as well as I did. ..


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I feel your pain i was in the same boat a few weeks ago and the wonderfull support i got from the s d members helped so much!
Keep your chin up mate it gets less painfull as time goes by