A sad waste of life


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We were out stalking this morning and came apon this




A very sad way for two nice bucks to die. They had the bad luck to chose the edge of an abandoned pheasant pen to hold their rut. Horrible way to die.


Pete E

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Totally agree, very sad indeed..

Its only a pity that such pheasant pens aren't taken down and the area cleared properly.

The wooded area where I walk my dog has two or three that are are derelect and have not been used in in several years and they look real eyesores, complete with numerous old plastic barrel feeders and plastic sacks around the place..There are no deer around here, so that is not an issue but they dont leave a very good impression with the non shooting public who uses the woods..




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What a bloody shame...and I mean shame in it's truest sense. The cretins who don't clear up their crap are the lowest.

Round here it's fishing nets and silage net-wrap that cause the same problems. Found a cracking stag last year on the beach, all wrapped up in a prawn net.