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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod

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i know, i know
you went and sat in a highseat the other night, just as it was getting dark a muntjac buck emerged, you checked to see it was a suitable beast to take, took aim , pulled the trigger with a good shot killed it
how am i doing so far :)
you waited a few minutes checking all the time to make sure it was dead then unloaded the rifle
went to the dead muntie and by the look of the boots performed a messy gralloch :lol: :lol:
well done bucksden, i like your style :lol: :lol:
could not resist :evil: :lol: :lol:

Bandit Country

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Sitting out in inadequatey secured high seat....
At the moment of truth and leaning forward in the seat it topples over plugging rifle muzzle and maiming passing muntjac.....
And, as we all know, the correct DSC 1 answer is humanely despatch beast by beating to death with rubber boot......?

Offroad Gary

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stone said:
you went and sat in a highseat the other night, just as it was getting dark a muntjac buck emerged, you checked to see it was a suitable beast to take, took aim , pulled the trigger with a good shot killed it

or something like this..

wathed the buck all summer, was waiting for him to loose velvet before i nailed him, hadnt seen him for a couple of months, wentto check seat was still there wednesday morning (i know its portable but its chained to the tree - has anyone seen that bunch of keys????). saw him then, couldnt get a shot as he was in a field of mustard stubble that the sheep had grazed, i went to the seat location and saw him again, field full of cowpats and he was 200m off so i chose not to get down on the bipod! checked seat was secure, went home.

in the afternoon went and met new farm manager to confirm permission was still current ( :D :D :D ), took crappy switchbarrell rifle to secluded spot to fire a few rounds, all ok , 1 " high at 100, sub moa groups :D .

wife had said i need to be back by 5 to sort the kids so i set myself 4.30 curfew. pulled up in mustard field, on phone to mate and looked over fence, he was 10 ft away from me, looking straight at me! he buggered off.

3.15 sat in seat hoping for munty or maybe fox. waited, waited, waited, lots of pheasants running the hedgerow behind, very noisey.

4.15 nothing but a rabbit 100m away- getting itch trigger fineger :evil:


4.28, 100m off, munty appears from the hedgerow.

the rest is history, got home just before 5, was in the garage covered in claret when the long haired general appeared!

went out that evening and shot 2 charlies, mate had 1, 85gn hpbt do the job ok.

the muntys fillets and haunches are now in a tupperware container in the fridge in our office, lots of people waiting for the share out :D


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Now you've spoiled it!

My festive theory was that one evening out stalking in the enchanted forest you found some magic beans. Planting them, you returned the next morning and discovered that they had grown into a huge metal beanstalk.

Climbing to the very top you entered a magical kingdom. Hearing a strange noise you stalked carefully through the woods until you came to a beautiful glade where you found a muntjac asleep, gently snoring/barking.....and lying next to a rifle. Filled with wonder you kissed the muntjac, which turned into a beautiful princess. She told you that she'd been captured by a wicked giant who had stolen her away and turned her into a muntjac when she refused his advances. The princess appeared to be very grateful :oops: .

So distracted were you that you failed to hear the approach of the giant. Seeing him, you grabbed the rifle and the princess, dashed back to the metal beanstalk and clambered down into the enchanted forest. The giant was still chasing you, so taking careful aim you shot him with the rifle (of course allowing for plunging fire as you were firing almost vertically). Down the giant fell, landing feet first at the bottom of the beanstalk, where he disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only his huge wellington boots as evidence of his passing.

You ran out of the enchanted forest hand in hand with the beautiful princess and lived happily ever after.

Don't now tell me that I was wrong and this was all about stalking!!!

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